Saturday, February 13, 2010

Hello from Almaty~

Hi All! This is the only chance we have had to email.  We are staying in an apartment instead of the Kazzhol but have no internet access and no internet cafe nearby.  We are all done here with everything, and ready to board the plane tonight for the looooonnnnggg trip home.  We have not really done anything here but walk and hang out playing games with the kids at the apartment.  Things are going super with the girls though, no real issues art all and I will write a longer email when home as I have everyone waiting for me right now and don't want to take too long.

We will still arrive on Feb 14th at 6:30ish in Montrose unless we get sidetracked or delayed en route.

Wish I could write more but need to run!!!

Thanks to all and will report in detail later.  Prayers for us for an uneventful trip home would be appreciated!

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