Thursday, December 10, 2009

Fun Fotos!

This is one copy of our dossier at the Ministry of Education office. I realized when we were there that I never took a photo of our completed dossier. Take a look at 2 years worth of work. Multiply that by 3 or 4 times, and you will see approximately the amount of
paperwork it took to get to this place.
Then multiply it by 4 adoptions. No WONDER I am so "done" with paperwork!

Haven't had a "mom" photo in awhile, so I gave in and had Dominick take one. Don't expect anymore on the blog for awhile! I prefer to be behind the camera.

Had to get a picture of our little terrorist with his handcuffs and
"explosive glow in the dark bracelets".
Go are thinking it so you can say it...
What kind of mom didn't realize these ended up in a carryon at the last minute???
A stupid Mom.

Here is why we had 5 suitcases instead of 4...this is all the homework!!

We don't feel it is appropriate to post any photos of the girls yet, until we see where we are with everything. If that point comes, we don't even have any really good ones as of yet as we have not wanted to be invasive with a camera when things aer so tentative. I also promise to write a long post eventually abour our entire "story" with the girls, but prefer to wait for that as well. Anyone who has looked for previous postings from a long time ago has found they have been temporarily pulled and will be replaced at such a time as we feel comfortable doing so. I am not ignoring your requests for the back story, just asking for respecting our needs at the moment as we are going through this very emotional time.


Anonymous said...

Love the photos! Priceless! So glad you included one of the #1 LaJoy Mom! The apartment looks so cozy. Thanks so much for sharing these! Love and prayers!
Miss Joan

Anonymous said...

Love the pics - thanks for posting them! What a great apartment you scored! Good to know you are comfy and cozy there. If it gets too hot, do what everyone else in the city does - open one of those little windows to even the temperature out. Vegas

Kimberly said...

You guys are such troopers - it is so good to see your smiling faces! Cindy - you look great in the foto! Praying for a breakthrough day today for you guys with the girl! Who could resist Team Lajoy?

Hilary Marquis said...

That is a prize photo of you with the boys. Definitely frame worthy when you get home :)

Anonymous said...

Praying for you all! Not sure if you guys knew or not but we have a new little blessing born in July! A Baby Girl! God is great! Who would have thought after 10 years! We hadn't read your blog for a long time and am happy to read about the good news with the girls!

The Davignon Family
Jon,Shelly,Ben and Eva Bella

Kelly and Sne said...

Great photos - you all look happy! And you really scored on the apartment - nice.

Paige said...

Read the boy's blogs and they are so sweet. Great pictures too. You must be so proud of them. Love the apartment; looks bright and tidy. Continuing to pray for all of you.

Michele said...

Hi Cindy,
Love all the photos. The Mom photo is a true keeper, though I think in a little while there will be 5 children in that photo.
I didn't realize that children over 10 had so much responsibility. Yesterday's blog seemed so positive, more days like that and hopefully Angela will be feeling better about such a massive change.
I'll keep you all in my prayers.
Enjoy the basketball game!

Grammy Joan said...

Hi to all of you. I'm back in VT missing all of you and the Vincents I left in Montrose. How we do all travel yet manage to keep in touch. I never thought I'd say thanks be to ? God ? for the internet and those who created it with language and photos, all prieless. I am not at all surprised at the difficulty you are facing and know you are on the right track, allowing them space, respecting their own humanity, an dallowing the joy and love you have for each other to shine in their lives. Even though you have known them for years, intimacy comes slowly, opening gradually but lasting a long time. Passion comes quickly but friendship and sharing from the heart takes time. May God be with you in your journey and keep your hearts open as has been happening. Love to you all. I will in time write to the boys on their blog but for now it's goodnight or goodday and God speed. Joan

Karen said...

As someone who equates hell with cold, not heat, I'm so glad you're all comfy and warm! Seeing your digs takes a load off my worried mind. (One needs suitable surroundings when the going gets super tough!)

Anonymous said...

oh cindy,
I read each day. I can't imagine what you are going through. I am with you in all of it. I am so glad you aren't embarrassed, you need not be. This is so heartbreaking to me as an advocate for children at risk, to see what institutional life does to children after a period of time. I wonder if you might back off your visits. can you do that legally? Kinda the tough love approach...maybe wait a couple of days before you return. I don't know if that is possible based on the law there of your two week bonding time.

I love you guys
Your apartment looks great

tami snowden