Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Pictures, Pictures...Who Wants Pictures!

Here is a sample of products we have around the home. From left to right is milk, oranges juice (obvious), ketchupo, the single most important item in all the world...Coke Light...and "Well Air" air freshener for when you have "sick air"...HAHAHA!

PE class, practicing TaeKwonDo so they don't get rusty :-)

Joshie showing off his souvenir necklace and his missing front teeth!
A cathedral we can see from our bedroom window, this is zoomed in on, it is not that close. The other night I heard the bells ringing, it was the sweetest sound.

The boys...all of them...waving at me in our apartment window as they are on an adventure to go grocery shopping. Trust me, when you don't speak the language, every shopping experience is an adventure! Try buying 5 potatoes and having them try to give ou 5 KILOS!!

The view from our kitchen window of the apartment buildings that surround us and the play area. These are new apartments, the majority throughout the country look nothing like the ones we are staying in.

There were big bows velcroed to the backs of the chairs at the Doner Cafe and the boys thought they looked just like the huge bows Russian girls in the orphanages wear in their hair for photos...so of course being in touch with their feminine side and being true LaJoy men they had to show off.

Kenny waiting in the Frankfurt airport for our 4 our delay.

Matthew patiently waiting as well and eating all our snacks!


smctiver said...

Love the pictures. The shots of you guys outside sure do look COLD!!!

I hope that you find some part of this trip enjoyable in spite of the challenges your family faces.

We will be thinking of you.

Bill and Cathe: said...

Gotta love the names of things. The milk, for example, is "Moo-Moo-Nah-yah"

Ahhh, Sulpak! We had an interesting adventure buying a DVD player. Very old-school Russian with lots of eceipt reviewing and stamping of receipts, warranty booklets, and all that.

Ask your driver if you can visit the old cathederal too. VERY pretty.

Good luck LaJoy family!