Tuesday, December 15, 2009

+Please Reach Out+

I encouraged the boys to blog about what happened and they posted to their blogs. I know how much comfort I have received from so many of you who have taken time to comment on the blog or email. If I could impose upon any of you to please take a moment, find their blogs shown on the upper left of this one, and maybe leave them an encouraging word or two...it might help them as well.

This is not easy, we could avoid all of this and not have brought them with us to experience what has occurred or could have kept them private and not blogging, but this will help their spirits grow and mature, they have learned something about love here...about acceptance...about how hearts grow cold if not nurtured. It may make them better husbands and fathers some day. At least I'd like to think there are positive lessons to be learned from this.

We have no word yet on other children available, but know the woman at the Ministry of Education is working on it. We will see what develops and keep you posted.

Thanks for all your love, it is cold here in more ways than one.


Joyce said...

HI Cindy and family
thanks again for sharing and encouraging the boys to write as well. I really wish they could write of happier things, but that is outside of your control.

Just a few thoughts going thru my head - sorry for the point format.:)

- Im so glad that the boys are with you, you are not doing this with out them offering comfort and hugs and seeing them face to face dealing with all this. I imagined how this would have been had you left them behind and I really didnt want to think to long on it all, I just grateful they are across the room than across the ocean.

- on your decision entry you talked about what blessing came of all this. And the one thing that stood out is that you never gave up on the girls, not once. I didnt follow you over the last year and half but by what I did read you came across some barriers that you needed to get over. Not once did you give up, you kept going. And here you are today, facing the girls. And in this you showed them a little of our God who never gives, not once. I hope that one day that truth will sink in with them.

- the other blessing I considered is education. Thru this blog you have honestly documented the truth, and the horrible truth that delays due to ?govt beaurocracy (sp) or what ever hurdles slowed down the journey, have caused this end result. It wasnt a rejection of the girls, it wasnt a rejection of your family... it was a hope that faded and died due to delays and time wasted. I hope that one day, that fact causing such damage will be publicised and help children come home to families quicker.

May God continue to carry you and assist you in decisions that need to be made. I understand it will be hard to accept another child so quickly when you are still grieving the loss of the girls, but may God give you the comfort you need.

In my thoughts constantly

Calico Sky said...

Cindy I put a message up on each of their blogs. I'm so late to all this news (caught up yesterday and left a comment) as I was traveling. I just so sorry for you all but marvel at your strength and grace.

Lindsay said...

I think you have helped the boys deal with this in an amazing way. They already know life is not fair, and that kids can have really tough lives. I think you are going to be raising 3 incredibly compassionate young men.

I hope the coming days bring you peace and wisdom. My prayers are with you all.

Anonymous said...


I am so sorry to hear about all the heartache you all are going through. Know that you and the whole family are in my thoughts and prayers. You all have a miraculous strength, one that many can only with they had themselves.

I have been sharing Kenny's blog with the class everytime he writes something new. This time though, after I read yours and shared it in brief summary to the class, every kiddo responded to Kenny about what happened. I hope they help.

Keep safe in your journey and remember that everything happens for a reason.

In my thoughts,

J said...

Hi Cindy,

I was actually thinking I should post something for your boys before you mentioned it. And Wow! I know that *I* feel better from talking to the little ones...it was getting a bit heavy in here!
When our first adoption attempt didn't work out, one kind and thoughtful person told my daughter (then aged 7) that she was very brave to try. I watched her slumped shoulders straighten and her head stand tall after hearing that. Your boys also should be very proud of themselves.
I am sure that you will receive good news of other children in a few days time, after all didn't the orphanage director start looking through his files for other children on that first day when you were in his office?
It may be a little premature to say this, but I feel excited by the new possibilities in front of you. GL. J.

Barb and Ken said...

Cindy, I can not express in worlds the pain my heart feels for your family. I know how much love you all have for these two girls. It may be God has another plan waiting for you. When my daughter and her husband traveled twice to Karaganda, Kaz to adopt, she said both times the children picked her and Don to be his (their) parents. They did not have to make a choice either time. Is it possible this is what God has planned for the LaJoy family? I know you have to consider the effect all of this is having on your sons, but think about it and discuss it as a family. In my heart I truly believe their are two children at the RBS hoping to become part of your family. I am praying for God to guide you as a family along this long and difficult path. My God bless you.
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