Friday, December 04, 2009

Just a Quickie

As we wait to head over to the airport to board our plane for Almaty, KZ I thought I'd shoot a quick post your way. So...can anyone answer me how Joshie ended up bringing along a pair of handcuffs in his carryon backpack? Was THAT considered essential material for a 6 year old? When asked he grinned broadly and said "Well, I might want to lock up Kenny and Matthew when we get there!". Add to that the 2 little rings he got out of a gumball vending machine that for some reason HAD to be clipped to the outside of his backpack, and I realize I have one eclectic kid.

Kenny thinks Sponge Bob (Which he has always called Spongy Bob) is HILARIOUS in German.

Matthew was warning the boys today about how from the moment we step into the Lufthansa gate for our flight to Kaz they can expect to be stared at by every Kazakh person on board, especially once English spurts out of their mouths. But he told them to stick close to him, and not to worry because he looks more Kazakh then they do and will get stared at the most. HAHAHA! Yea, Matt...I think it will likely be mom and dad who get stared at the most!

Never did get back to sleep...can you tell how punchie I am getting???

More Diet Coke...I need more Diet Coke. Except I am already in the land of "Coke Light" not Diet Coke!

Also have come to the rapid conclusion last night while reading in bed that Beverly Lewis is the Danielle Steele of the Amish set. You read one of her books, which I did yesterday as I got it free somewhere...and you wonder why you read it when you are done. Of course, having it in an Amish setting at least dictates the smut is toned down, which is not all bad in my book. But why can't someone write this stuff WELL???? Sometimes I get tired of reading non-fiction because most fiction is not well written. But in this case, that was OK, because I don't feel bad shedding it here at the hotel and I know it isn't something I need to continue to haul around with me as I highly doubt Dominick will want to read it (giggle giggle).

Thought for the day:

Do Not Lose Passports. With 8 of them that is easier said than done.

The worst part of the entire trip lays ahead...going through Passport Control at Almaty Airport where we will be given the once over, the twice over, the thrice over. Having to go through customs at Almaty Airport...anyone who has done that can sympathize at how uncomfortable that one is. And getting OUT of the Almaty Airport and remain unaccosted by the "taxi" drivers who literally make you feel like you are walking the plank when you walk through them to get out of there. Traveling with 1 Large Italian Man helps considerably.

And I do hope the boys don't feel too uncomfortable today. After the first couple of days they get used to being stared at, but it is always odd and unnatural feeling for all of us at first when we return. After awhile though we all grow immune to it and blow it off. Because of that, they are wearing their Sunday finest for this flight and our entrance into Kaz. Knowing that it is uncomfortable for them at first I wanted them to feel confident that they looked sharp and presented themselves well so they have nothing to worry about. Seems more important for Matthew this time around, but I have no idea how Kenny will feel about it.

Kenny also revealed he is feeling nervous about going back to an orphanage environment. We talked a bit about it, I made sure he understood that he is never going back to live which I got one of his famous grins in reply and he said "I KNOW that mom!", and we will keep the communication open on this one and revisit it often as we go through all of this. Lots to process for him I think.

OK...time to roll out the suitcases!

See Ya!


Joyce said...

you are amazing to keep sharing this trip. The only prob is that I have a 5yo who needs a little care now and then and you are writing so faithfully that i am addicted to reading. But carry on, loving the reading, and dont worry if you dont post photos - your words make pictures for me.
Love to you and the men

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the wonderful update! Good luck, be safe and know that we all love you and are thinking of you! Love, Miss Joan

Lenore said...

Your writing, Cindy, is as always, amazing!! You vividly write and welcome us along for the ride and for that I am so grateful!! You are on my mind constantly.....even in the middle of the night when I awaken, you are there with me as I wonder what you are doing so very far away!! You are in all of the Ryan's hearts and minds. We eagerly check your blog daily for new word from you!! Stay safe!!

Hilary Marquis said...

Glad to hear all is going smoothly. I had to laugh at your Beverly Lewis comment...guess what I like to read? Hahaha! I've gotten lazy in my reading and prefer the Christian fiction fluff that I don't have to think hard about when reading ;) I guess if you need to borrow reading material sometime, you'll have to pilfer something from Tim. LOL! Go get yourself a Coke Light and relax for a while.

Anonymous said...

We left Kazakhstan through Almaty, and passport control has become part of our family adoption story --

First, they wanted more money for our luggage, and we just shrugged & said we didn't understand

How well I remember the loooong scrutiny of our passports, until one of our children (6 months) old, started screaming (I promise, I did not pinch her, although someone had suggested getting babies to cry as a technique for getting through)-- the control officer looked up, very annoyed, and gestured for Dan to take her away from the window -- wonder if you could train your boys to throw temper tantrums??

BUT -- that was in sharp contrast to the many kindnesses that the Kazakh people extended to us on our way home. We have many stories about help we received, from hauling suitcases to letting us go to the head of the line when boarding the airplane.

I too was awake on and off last night, thinking about you all and praying. Wonder if any of your friends here in the states got any sleep?

Love and good wishes and prayers for you all,

Peggy in Virginia

smileysk8 said...

Thanks for sharing! I am glued to your blog! I am so happy and excited for all of you!

Jeanne said...

Thanks for the great updates, Some somewhat good authors to read when you come home, Joanne Fluke-mysteries, Teri Blackstock, Debbie Macomber.

Kara said...

Go, go, GO Team LaJoy! You are almost there! We are all praying for you!

Michele said...

I'm always amazed by what children find to be essential. Must admit handcuffs never made the list.
I can't image trying to keep track of 8 passports, HEY am I missing something. Why 8? aren't there just 5 of you?
Best wishes, thinking and praying for you!

Allison said...

This post just makes me smile - I love to travel vicariously through other people:)
Sounds like everything is going smoothly so far; not too much longer now until you're with your girls.
I'll drink a Diet Coke just for you!

Anonymous said...

So glad to see all of your entries - I've been thinking of you all and wondering how it was going! We miss you already. Zack this morning asked where in the world you were - I told him that we will look at the blog tonight and get our globe out! I loved hearing about the boys - Matt taking such good care of his brothers - Josh with his handcuffs - and Kenny with SpongeBob - I swear I can hear that giggle in Montrose!!! Our prayers are with you, and we can't wait until you are ALL home!!!!
Lots of Love!

Mark, Stacye, Lainey & Andrew said...

Thank you for continuing to update as you travel...I was always so exhausted during our 3 trip Kaz adoption that my hubby did most of the blogging. I continue to lift you up and look forward to hearing more.

Kelly and Sne said...

Wonderful that your trip is going smoothly so far. It's also great that the boys can go with you - I'm sure that it will be fulfilling for them to 'discover' their homelands. Hoping for a safe and smooth rest of your journey.

Tammy said...

Don't worry, you will sleep someday. Actually, you will probably crash HA! You have so much to think about, it's natural. When I first got Zachary, I had such a hard time sleeping, no matter how exhausted I was. My mind was going a hundred miles an hour and it felt like it couldn't all be contained.

Handcuffs?? Make me laugh. When you first mentioned them, I thought he was detained at customs or something like that!

I'm sure all 3 of the boys have a lot to think about. Both Matthew and Kenny are old enough to really understand things now. And Josh is old enough that not too much will be lost on him either. I admit, I am so interested to read about how they see things. So much to think about and process.

Anonymous said...

Just to answer the above question - the boys each have U.S. passports and their home country passports. Two of three them are required to travel back to their home countries on their Kazakh passports. So, to keep consistency and save on travel visas (because he is not required to, but can travel on his Kyrgyz passport) Kenny is also traveling to Kazakhstan on his Kyrgyzstani passport. Thus, eight passports for five of them!

Rachel said...

Hahaha! Your kids are HILARIOUS!

Kathy W said...


I so know what you mean when you say you never felt a twinge of jealousy about building a family this way. Adoption is so great! My son is from Kaz, I will follow your journey with wistful thoughts of how absolutely magical my trip to get him was.

Kathy W

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Lajoy,
I'm so glad that you can finally start the adoption process. I am praying for you and the boys! I am looking forward to meeting Angela and Olesya. I also would like to meet Matthew and Josh. Please tell the boys that I will write to them on their blogs. I had so much fun meeting you in Washington with Kenny. I bet you are excited to see the girls soon!
That was a wonderful entry that you put in yesterday. I hope to have a blog someday.

From the pictures I think Kazakhstan is a really cool and beautiful place. I wonder if I will ever go to Kazakhstan someday.

Jeffrey in Virginia

Anonymous said...

P.S. I meant to write Mrs. LaJoy on the comment above.

Jeffrey in Virginia