Monday, August 24, 2009

Travel Date Contest!!!

I have been thinking it would be fun to involve all of you a little bit in our wait for a travel date. Your support has meant a lot over the past 3 years as we traveled to bring Kenny home, then found ourselves quickly on the path to adopting once again unexpectedly. As the Tom Petty song goes..."The waiting is the hardest part.", so let's make it more fun!

At the left top of the blog I will create a permanent list that will hold over from post to post. We will have a little contest to see who can guess our travel date! This will be the actual date we hop on the airplane here in Montrose to depart for Kazakhstan. While I will list the dates Dominick and I have each guessed (and Dominick is being ridiculously optomistic!!! I just rolled my eyes at him so don't use his as a guideline unless you have some inside information I don't know about! hahaha!) but of course we will not win, so feel free to also pick the dates we are listed for. One person per date, please. To keep it interesting, there has to be a prize and while it is not much the winner will receive a $20 gift card to Target!

So check it out and email me at with your best guess. If we have fun with this, we might do another one further down the road for the date our daughters actually set foot in our home for the first time! It's not much to show our gratitude for all each of you does every day in terms of encouragement and prayer for our family, but it is a small way we can say "thank you".

Go ahead, make a guess! We will make the starting date one month from now, as there is now way we are are traveling anytime before guess any date after September 24th. No cost to enter! Cheesy Target card for the winner! Nothing to lose!! Email your entry today! hahaha!


Mark and Carol Middleton said...

Happy Birthday Cindy!!! Hey, anybody younger than us is YOUNG... okay?!! We're super excited to hear you are getting really close to bringing your girls home... HOORAY! Have an outstanding day... you deserve it!

Mark & Carol

Anonymous said...

Hi Cindy,

Put me down for the contest please.
It's going to be October 28!!!
If I win, once I live in the UK, we'd like to receive a prayer for our family to adjust to live in Australia easily (we are migrating next year), and the Target price should be spent on your girls.
Thank you.

Best wishes,

Lisa said...

You deserve this time of joy, anticipation and planning for your girls! I'm so happy that this time around feels less lonely and please know that no one truly walks alone when adopting a child!

The bedding in enchanting and I can't wait to see pics on the finished product! Girls are fun and there's always room for one more flourish or unnecesary girlie touch! :) Enjoy!

Lisa said...

P.S. Ack...almost forgot...if we win for Oct. 25th(hubby's b-day) please take the gift card and let the girls buy something whimsical for their room!! That's an order! :)

Calico Sky said...

This is such a beautiful post. I remember when my 4 foster children arrived none of my friends even telephoned to see how it was going, it was near Christmas and one friend cancelled our making Christmas cookies together (an annual tradition) incase the kids ruined them. Can you imagine? When my adoption fell apart, I had the same response. As a single it was so hard as there isn't even a partner to share the joy/cry with. When my adoption fell apart (pre identified SN child, the program changed and I couldn't be grandfathered) none of my adoption buddies locally even rang, I was simply dropped. Yet, I'm about to start again (in a few months) and I feel that there will be more support now, I'm not sure why perhaps because my expectations are so low, perhaps I don't need as much, perhaps my friendships are closer now and more real.
Congratulations on your new adoption and yes the bedding is lovely :0)