Friday, August 21, 2009

Friday Five: Rules

As you may recall, I am part of the RevGalBlogPals group and they have a Friday Five question and answer game to play along with each Friday. So here it is:

After a family vacation with our four children and three additional "partners," I am more aware of rules, spoken and unvoiced. Expectations are not always clearly expressed, but are still expected. . . . unbeknown to all unless one is not fulfilled! So how about writing about rules in your families and workplaces? Choose one or more for each category, especially if one seems odd or funny to you now.
1. Formal rules in family of origin: The usual, don't talk with your mouth full, clean up after yourself, and the always firmly spoken "If you and your brother are going to fight, take it outside!"
2. Unwritten and unspoken rules in family of origin: God is not spoken about, don't ask any questions about Dad's time in the Korean war.
3. Formal rules in current family or workplace: If you are old enough to do a job, you should be doing it...not Mom! "I don't know" is NOT an answer, it is a way of avoiding giving an answer and is NOT acceptable. Be Kind. Period. Family First Always. We are Team LaJoy...we stick together and work hard together!
4. Unwritten rules in current family or workplace: We never ridicule each other, hugs are mandatory.
5. When was a time that you became aware of different rules in different places/families than your own?: I was pretty young, maybe 8 or 9, and was at my best friend's house whose mom was divorced and often brought home different men for the evening. I realized the rules were very different when my friend told me she wasn't allowed to open her bedroom door in the morning until her mom gave her permission.
I wonder what rules my kids will remember when they are adults, what will stick with them and which they will think were totally ridiculous!


Barbara said...

Oh those are some of the greatest rules. My kids have the same, if you are old enough to do a job you should be doing it rule, and it amazes me how many parents think I am the worse for having my kids do "chores".

Kimberly said...

My favorite unwritten rule of yours is "hugs are mandatory" - I have a few friends who don't like to be hugged - I hug them anyways :-)

Anonymous said...

We too believe in family first and as careers grow and the kids do too, that is tested in new ways! :) And hugs rule...they solve so many big and little issues.

I also, being behind :) read your last few posts and wish the boys a great year back at school! What a grand reflection you shared and I'm always left more reflective for having stopped by!

AND congratulations on your dossier winding its way to Kaz...that makes my heart happy! Can't wait to follow along!
who has to comment anonymously cuz blogger is acting up on my end....but its me, from destination-taiwan...not a lurker! :) lol