Saturday, January 23, 2010

Olesya's New Clothes sweet little Olesya was SO excited and happy about her new clothes!  She loved every single thing but especially loved the shirt with the monkey on it and I had at first thought it was for Angela and she was visibly disappointed until I realized it was actually in her size and she held it to her chest and hugged it tight!  THIS is our Clothes Horse!  She was so much fun to watch as she examined everything, folded and refolded it.  Although no one would ever call her "dainty" as she is quite a solid little girl, she loves pretty things and maybe she can help me find clothes for Angela! Hahaha!
We told her we were taking pictures to show to the ladies who helped buy them and she let her feelings be known with her happy thumbs up!  One of the pics is the pants which you can't see very well, but she was thrilled with them!


Heather said...

The girls look great and so "American" in their new clothes. They are lovely girls and I'm so excited for them!

Anonymous said...

Okay, Adoption Angels, sounds like one of you will have to shop with Oleysa, one who loves slow shopping. I'm with you, Cyndi, speed shopping is my thing also.


Carrie DeLille said...

Just love seeing the joy in their eyes.