Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A Night (or Dimly Lit Day) at the Museum! it was not a night at the museum, but coming up with catchy titles is not my forte, so I fake it a little :-)  We all went to the museum this past weekend, and we were all pleasantly surprised at what a very nice and well put together display of history it was!  Compared to the museum we saw in Aktobe years ago, this was far more professional, had many great exhibits, and we saw many new things we had never seen before.  Dioramas contained stuffed and well displayed local wildlife, many artifacts dating back to the earliest times of history and native peoples.  Military memorabilia, large maps, photos and documents, and even modern post-soviet Kazakhstani history was well represented.  We spent about an hour there and wished we could read Russian as it would have been fascinating and even more educational.  We saw a full size yurt which you see depicted in these photos, a few traditional clothing displays, and much more.  Well worth the 100 Tenge entrance fee for kids, 200 tenge for adults, and 200 tenge for the camera.  We were also instructed that we could only take photos if someone in our group was IN the photos.  Interesting we paid about $7.50 for all of us, including our newest family member Canon Rebel LaJoy...Hahaha! 
Kenny is always drawn to finery in jewelry or clothing.  I am wondering if he might be a fashion designer or jewelry maker someday!  Note To Self:  Great field trip back home...custom jewelry designer!  The kids all seemed to like the yurt display, and Olesya was snapping photos right and left but took the camera with her back to the orphanage to continue documenting their lives.  Hope she gets some good shots.  I like how seriously she takes the responsibility of the camera, very respectful and super careful to make sure the strap is always around her wrist or over her neck.
Here are some pictures of our children's culture!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the pictures of the culture. I've been wishing we could send lots of yurts and tents to Haiti. I know several people who create jewelry, and there are several of us in the church who sew, some of us sew garments as well as quilts. We can get Kenny into something like that. It would also be a test of whether he can string together beads. Perhaps from there he could go on to stringing together other concepts.

Just a thought,

Christina said...

love the camera as the newest family member, LOL!

Bill and Cathe: said...

Cool museum pictures! David and Kate didn't remember everything, so I pulled up our picrutes from 2007. Amazing how many of the same shots we took too! (Owl & Rabbit, Yurt, Costume...) (David says he REALLY remembers though)

If you have a chance to visit the Botanical gardens, look for our names on the palm tree.