Friday, December 18, 2009

Orphanage Images

Did you know I am now Canadian? Here I am with most of our Petro Gang! Jocelyne and I joked about being best friends here in Petro because, heck, there ain't no one else to BE friends with!! HAHAHA! And I have to add, since I AM now an honorary Canadian "Eh?".
A display at the orphanage explaining street signs. Might seem weird to you but when you have an orphanage full of kids who don't get out much in the world, learning what these everyday signs mean is important!

This is the small library where all the books are in glass cases. Wish I could dump a few hundred books here!

Dominick...SHUT UP...I LIKE MY STAIR CASE PICTURES!!! This is the actual stair well leading to the girls' family room. The blue paint...any adoptive parent will wax poetic about this color which seems to be in every orphanage in Kazakhstan. I know I can close my eyes and see it for the rest of my life.

Here is the costume room as Josh stares at all the beautiful items.

Here is the little hallway crammed FULL with wonderful outfits!

This kid was good!!!

Here is the "Music Room". Sorry for the picture quality being so poor.

This is a display of photos of orphanage life on the wall. The one on the center at the bottom is the girls' family room.

"Whose that goofy Italian dude trying to pretend he knows how to play ping pong??"

Dominick having fun.

Joshie looks so mature, they have all grown up a lot on this trip in the mere 2 1/2 weeks we have been gone. It's a lifetime in terms of experience.

The boys asked me to show you their artwork. Remember the "Terrorist Glow Sticks"? They used them last night to make pictures in the dark on the living room floor. See what a little boredom will do for you??

Merry Christmas Everyone!


Anonymous said...

Boy, what a full day yu have had. I am hopeful that the girls will be coming home with you.

God Bless


Michele said...

Love the pictures, and you look good as a Canadian!
Love the glow stick art, very cute.
(A fellow Canadian, eh)

Anonymous said...


It looks like you have some artists on your hands, that's something that I would do. Guess I'm going to have to get my hands on some terrorist glow sticks.

I am praying for you and doing a little weeping also, for I can truly relate to what you are going through as we have experienced something eerily similar. I hope your outcome is a happy one, I have faith that you and Dominic will make the right decision for your family.

As far as you waiting for God's presence to fill you, take a deep breath, look at your family and think of that endless love that you feel, now close your eyes and think about it again and take it into your heart,the feeling. That butterfly expansion you feel as you sigh out with happiness, that is God's presence.

Much love and anticipation on this side of the world, going out to you and your's.

smileysk8 said...

Cool art work boys!

Betsy said...

That is an adorable picture of Josh! And I love the glow stick artwork too.

I am so glad to read all of your updates and praying that you have all 'turned a corner' with the girls. So many people respect and trust your parenting skills - whether you have parented a teenager or not! Thank you for sharing the wonderful way you are facing this difficult situation.

You sound more upbeat and hopeful in this last post and I pray that things remain that way. God will not lead you where He will not be too!

Prayers & Hope from Texas,

Christina said...

Love and prayers...

Loren said...

Cindy, May God bless! "Zhazira" is the spelling that was used for my the name my daughter was given by her babyhouse mothers. You have so much strength through this process and our prayers continue to be with you. I am so happy that you have been given the chance to see that glimmer and regardless of the outcome, you have these memories to keep.

Anonymous said...

You are mirroring the Advent season--hope, love, peace (occasionally with tumult often prevailing). I pray that joy will come--whatever form that takes.