Thursday, November 12, 2009

PS: Pie, Anyone??

I forgot to add to my last post, I just checked over at John Wright's web site and the Pie Challenge to raise money for Kyrgy kids shows that there has been $325 raised in our name this year! Wow! Thanks so much, I have been in a little bit of a funk here with the wait and busy learning how to homeschool as well as planning for the trip so I have certainly not given it my best effort.

I will throw in something extra, if you can get us up to $500...I will no only allow the boys to throw a pie in my face, but we will whip up some Jello and they can throw fistfulls at me!! Red too...let's make it super messy! The boys will totally crack up at this and we will get video and share it with you all.

Please help if you can...Amir is still not home yet due to the hang up with adoptions in Kyrgyzstan and we'd love for him to have a Christmas celebration again to know he has not been forgotten!

Come on...hit me with your best shot! I'll even accept other challenges if you donate. Want me to paint Dominick's fingernails while he is asleep? You got it! Want me feed the boys Rocky Mountain Oysters and not tell them what they are until AFTER they eat them? I'll do it! (That one will really cost you, because they'll kill me!. You name it and we'll consider it for extra dough for the kids in Kyrgyzstan!!!

Just do NOT expect me to hold a snake, I have to draw the line somewhere :-)

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Carrie DeLille said...

Thanks for mentioning our main man-oh how I thought he'd be home by now.