Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Life Can Be Messy

It seems that this entire adoption, from start to finish, is destined to be one that will forever be remembered for it's messiness. Nothing about it has been simple or easy, and here we are at the end stages and we again find ourselves hitting a brick wall.

We are using the Assistant Stork to courier our passports through for visas at the Kazakhstan Embassy in Washington, DC (and they are really good at what they do, we've used them before) and we are very tight on time to get our visas processed and our passports back in our hands before we leave next Wednesday. "But you have a week!" you exclaim...yes, but the Embassy is closed on Wednesdays, Thursday is the holiday, we don't know if they are open on Friday, and it usually takes 3-4 days to process the visa, not counting travel time.

And today when our application was presented, it was declined.

Yes, you read that right. It seems they have no record of the LaJoy family and our approval. Please don't laugh too hard. You'd think after all the documents of ours they have seen over the years we would be on a first name basis with them. But it appears not. Basically, what has happened is that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Kazakhstan has not yet cabled the Embassy to give their approval, even though we have the Letter of Invitation in our hands and with the application.

So, what do we do know?

We wait for our agency to hear back from their coordinator in Kazakhstan and hope that the news is good and we can pull this off in time. It is possible, but not looking good, for us to be on the plane Wednesday.

Basically, it will take a miracle.

Hmmm...but aren't we sort of sitting in the midst of one with all of this anyway? Hasn't this entire adoption been a miracle in and of itself? We may be down, but we are getting up before the count and will continue to wait on another miracle. There is no way I am saying it definitely won't happen, I have learned not to say that to God!

So, the drama continues, regardless of how unwanted it is. Seems we can't escape it, so we might as well have a good attitude about it and see how it all turns out right along with the rest of you! For those of you who have been following us since Kenny's adoption, remember we got our passports one day before the flight? That wasn't good enough, was it? We are going to make this even MORE interesting for you! Hahahaha!

If I don't laugh, I just might cry, so just ignore the gallows humor here.

Sometimes I think if my life weren't lived on the edge of chaos, even though it has been uninvited, I am not sure if it would feel normal. We have asked repeatedly over the years for prayer for our family through it's various escapades. I am not going to ask this time, it seems to be a little over-asked. BUT...should you be so inclined or just have nothing else to pray about or simply are bored, you could send one out for us.

Life sure can be messy.


Lenore said...

All I can say at this point is, "I can't believe it!!" I have everything crossed and I'm praying VERY hard for all involved!! Keep your chin up, my friend!!

Hilary Marquis said...

Of course! We wouldn't want things to be boring now would we?Hang in there my friend! God has a purpose for this irritating little wrench in the works ;)

Unknown said...

I will pray and pray and that is all I will say!

Anonymous said...

Hang in there. There is still time to pull it out. Just keep the faith and take it one day at a time. You wouldn't value it if it was just handed to you on a platter, now would you? :-P LV

Anonymous said...

I bet you'd be okay with a paper plate though! Yeah, don't give it up yet! Love ya'! Miss J

Carol said...

WHAT?!! Just when I thought all the kooky delays were over... I shoulda known better. Talk about living on the edge! I believe in miracles... and am truly hoping everything will fall into place just in time to get the LaJoys on that plane on Wednesday.

Heather said...

Well, Cindy, you certainly are going through a typical Kazakh adoption! True to form. We both know it is not for the faint-hearted. And you, my dear, are NOT faint-hearted! Seriously, we both could write the post: You know you're in a Kazakh adoption when....and come up w/ a billion quips and ironies of the process! HAng in there. You know it all works out in the end. I hope you have a wonderful day today knowing that your girls are coming home soon!

Allison said...

You actually thought you'd just be getting on a plane and flyng to Kazakhstan? Silly woman. LOL. I'm praying that everything gets approved and into our hand on time. Oh, please oh please oh please.

Hang on! You're almost there.


Lori said...

Good grief! I couldn't believe it! But--I have to say that I have a feeling all is going to be fine and you WILL be on that plane.

I have always been a big believer in laughing so I don't cry...so I'm going to just anticipate laughing at all of this as you are on that plane next week!!!

Lisa said...

Lifting the LaJoy family up right now!!!!!!!! I am thankful, on this Thanksgiving eve, that we serve a God who is full of miracles. So we'll pray you are boarding a plane in a week.
God bless you!

Maureen said...

Oh no! There are always bumps in the road, but you guys really don't deserve this pothole. Sending prayers your way that all will work out.

Becki Stone said...

We had the same issue- did you ask the embassy to hold your application while you work on it? They held ours and it was processed as soon as they got our approvial.