Sunday, January 03, 2010

Where Do You See Yourself in Ten Years?

In taking up Dee's challenge over at Crab Chronicles, and having more than my share or time on my hands, I am thinking about where I was 10 years ago and where I hope to be 10 years from now!

In January 2000 I was in Colorado only a few years, it was all still so new and wondrous to me! It still is...I really found my home there. I was selfish, self-centered and negative. I was still childless but working on it. I was working full-time at an insurance agency and weekends and after hours with Dominick at the restaurant. I was somewhat thinner, but not at all "thin". I didn't have the wrinkles and saggy skin I have now, I didn't need reading glasses that I can't ever find, and I was still digging country music and listening all the time to the radio. I was driving a cute little used Subary Legacy or maybe the white minivan we still have, I can't remember when we bought it prior to Matt's arrival. I was not going to church but was still a believer in God. My house was usually very clean, I had not yet been introduced to Caillou or been forced to watch a Roly Poly Olie marathon yet. I had linoleum and carpet rather than Pergo and tile. I had almost none of the friends I have today, although a few I had met.

In the next 10 years I hope I am still here! I want to see our kids thriving and well on their way to adulthood or close to it. I want to live in the same house. I want my mom to still be here. I want to be a few years into ministry work of some sort. I want to be learning, growing and reading. I want World Peace...OK...that one is the longest shot. I want to be snuggled next to Dominick every single night. I want all my friends to still be an intimate part of my life. I want to feel wise. I want to see God connected in everything I do. I want to have traveled the US a little. I want to still feel relevant and "techie". I want to have done lots of things that mattered, even if only to one person. I want to always feel loved and to give love. I want to not be wearing bifocals (slim chance on that one!), a bridge, a pacemaker or a coffin. I want to have a few gray hairs. I want to worry less about what others think of me. I want to still see the world as a beautiful place. I want to be close to each of my children. I want the world to be kinder and gentler. I want Montrose to be the same size or only a little larger. I want to be driving something other than a minivan...maybe. I want to be better at taking risks and seeing what is truly important. I want to worry less (I am actually improving on this one!).

Rereading this, it seems there are a lot of things I am hoping remain the same...and some that I hope are even better than they are now! Here is what I DON'T want to see in general in the next 10 years:

I don't want to see TV develop even worse content. I don't want to see everyone withdraw into their own world with even more isolating tech products. I don't want to see our only interaction be on Facebook. I don't want to see more countries taking up arms against one another. I don't want our children to be jaded or mature before their time...any of our children, yours or mine. I don't want to see people sick and not getting health care because they can't afford it. I don't want God relegated to the back burner. I don't want poodle skirts or mullets to come back in vogue, but I have a secret yearning for parachute pants and leather bomber jackets to return.

What will the next decade bring? Who knows! I am sure a little of what we don't want, and a little of what we do. But I doubt I will spend too much time worrying about it, I will be too busy living it.

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Muriel and Jerry said...

We are going to sponsor an 11 year old girl there through antares names Nastya. Is there any way if I send you an e-mail and picture to show her and paypal you some money to buy her soemthing would you be willing to do that? I know it is a lot ot ask and I am totally fine if you say no. Can you e-mail me and I can send her picture?