Saturday, January 23, 2010

Pictures, Pictures...We've Got Pictures!!

Due to the way I have to post to Blogger right now I can not easily label photos so I am going to submit several posts with different photos here today.  I am going to try a different way to post photos in a second so if I have a bad post, just ignore it and move on.

This first group is of Dominick's store, Corona, otherwise known as "Kazakhstani Walmart" because it has a blue sign and has most of what we need.  Inside Corona is actually individual vendors, all of whom do a pretty brisk business.  There is the Egg Lady, the Tea Lady, the Milk Products Lady, the Meat Ladies, The Rip You Off and Give Americans the Damaged Fruit Lady, the Paper Products and Detergents Lady, the Pasta, Flour and Cereal Lady, The Photo Dude...and Dominick's favorite two pictured in close ups here, the Bread Babe and the Cookie Queen.  I am glad he took the camera in, the Bread Babe must have been happy to see him as the day before he arrived she asked where Papa was and I told her "America...Zaftra Kazakhstan!" and she smiled as I told her he was arriving tomorrow.

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