Saturday, January 23, 2010

More Pictures

Obviously the way I tried didn't work so we will go back to multiple posts.  Sorry I can not access blogger to remove the Test posts.  Also, for those of you who asked...I can not access blogger to go in and change the age for Olesya, although it will remain there and disturb us all until I can! Hahaha! DEAL WITH IT!!!! :-)
Basically right now once I submit something, there is no turning back, so I am careful before submitting because I can't pull anything!  One of these days I need to go back and clean up the blog anyway, finish labeling posts, take off all the comments with links to make enhancement products or Canadian drug manufacturers, etc.  Hahaha!
Here are pictures from yesterday's ice sliding.  The boys needed to get out and burn off a little energy and so Dominick stopped by his Walmart, snapped the previous pictures, grabbed some drinks for the boys and took them down the street to the little ice slide there.  They were all laughing when they came back (that was when I had my 1 hour of alone time in the past 4 weeks!) because their drinks had mostly frozen solid and had to be thawed a bit to drink what was left!!

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Anonymous said...

The only thing cuter than one little boy out having fun sliding on the THREE little boys out having fun sliding on the ice! Love the "local flavor" you always include in your posts!