Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Do You Believe in Miracles?


So here we are...

At the final hour, or close to it...

And this is an excerpt from the email I received last night from our courier service:

"I honestly don't see how you are going to make the Wednesday flight. It would take a miracle to get the Embassy to bend and process them on Monday. May I suggest you get every prayer warrior you can think of on this? The only person who can get you on that Wednesday flight is the Lord Jesus, Himself. We'll try our best, but only God can make this happen in your time line. We add our prayers to yours."

Would it be a big deal if we didn't make the flight and had to leave a few days later? No, of course not. It is not life and death, it is not going to trigger famine or a war. It is merely a little family in Colorado trying to get to their daughters in Kazakhstan. Not even headline news, is it?

But wouldn't it be sort of fun to see God work something out here? When others say it is impossible to see that with God all things are possible? Not as a parlor trick or anything, but as another little way of showing with this adoption just how Mighty our God really is? After all, this was the adoption that was never supposed to happen...that we had been told years ago "You need to give up and move on, it is impossible.".

Welcome to Impossible!!!

We will not be throwing a fit if we are not on the plane Wednesday, for it is but a bump in the road after everything else all these years. We WILL be in Petropavlovsk soon enough.

But impossible? Never. I prefer improbable.

A Miracle?

As far as I am concerned, our entire family is one big walking miracle and we have no right to ask for more.

But I am intrigued by what Laura at Assistant Stork wrote above. "Only God can make this happen on your time line.".

It has never really been our time line all along. If that had been true, those girls would have been home years ago. So whatever happens IS God's time line, not ours.

So right along with you, we sit on the sidelines at the moment with bated breath, wondering what God's timeline really is.

And while I won't expect it, I also wouldn't at all be surprised if a miracle was in the making.

At this point, NOTHING would surprise me.


Heather said...

keep your perspective the same, Cindy. It's the RIGHT perspective. God's timing is never our timing, is it? We were told hours before our flight to Kaz, that we couldn't go because someone we needed in Kaz, took an early holiday. Three weeks later, and a lot of tears from me, we left for Kaz. I often wonder if we went on our time, would we have the son we have today? God's timing was certainly better than mine. I'll be praying with you through this WHOLE adoption...good, bad, and ugly! I've just grown to love your family over the years. May seem silly! But it is what it is! I want the best for you all.

Anonymous said...

I am not trying to be doom and gloom, Cindy, but trust me - God IS trying to tell you not to go through with this. Throughout our Russian adoption process, we thought we were following God's signs to do it. Then there were a few "mishaps" in the road, but we made excuses for them and continued to follow His "signs," or so we thought. On our second trip over for court, we were with my 77 year old Mother in the hospital as she was being diagnosed with breast cancer and before we learned whether or not she would have surgery while we would have been in Russia with no communication about her. We called our adoption agency who coldly told us that if we did not make our court date, Russia would not grant us another one. I was literally pulled from the hospital from my Mother and went to the airport. We also had not received a document that we were required to have with us for court, and did not want to "waste" a trip to Russia if it would be for not without the document. We were told by the agency that would be handled in Russia (once we got there, however, we were beratted for not having it and had to pay $500 for a forged one.)

Anonymous said...

Next, once we boarded our plane there were mechanical difficulties and we literally sat in the plane on the runway for over 2 hours all the while my Mother was 5 miles away at the hospital learning her fate, and I couldn't be with her. We missed our connecting flight in Chicago! Upon arrival in Russia, the driver our agency arranged to pick us up was not there because our flight had been delayed and there we were in a Russian airport, no one spoke English, no one to turn to and didn't know where to go or what to do. A kind young man, Russian, finally lent us his cell phone and we were able to make some calls in the middle of the night and did eventaully arrive 9 hours later, in the town where the orphanage and court were. My husband had just lost his job and we were told once again by our agency to lie in court and not tell them about that or they would not approve the adoption. We were also told not to tell the judge that my Mother had cancer or the adoption would not be approved.

Well, the adoption was granted, adn our lives have been living hell ever since. I didn't mention that "Lisa" was just turning 13 when we brought her home with us. She's now about to turn 16 and every day has been a nightmare. We went in to the adoption process wanting to "make a difference in the world" and have a legacy behind us when we were gone - but that is certainly not happening.

As I look back, everyday, to see where we went wrong, I can clearly see what God was trying to tell us at the end, when so many problems ensued as we were leaving to go back for "Lisa." He was telling us this was not the child for us. She was too old to be adopted, she had been in the orphanage for too long, and God knew this would not work.

A year into living with "Lisa" I learned of RAD and she is the poster child for that once I leaned the symptoms....charming and engaging to the outside world, sneaky and malicious to me, trying to polarize the husband and wife, focused all her venom on the "Mother figure," lies, manipulates, has an overpowering drive to control. As a result, now, three years later, three lives are ruined, my marriage is breaking up, as a result of divorce I will lose my home, my husband, my future, but cannot get my parental rights removed so I will always be legally connected to her no matter what she does. She will get all of the things I worked so hard for all of my life, and I will have her to still be responsible for.

I sincerely hope that you do not experience this same outcome times two. But, I plead with you to re-evaluate God's signs. Trust me, I now can clearly see what God was trying to make us realized. I am now living my hell on earth every day of my life.

And, now, now after the fact, I have become aware of so many other "forever families" in our adoption agency group who adopted older girls (seems to almost always be girls) whose lives are similar. They just covered up the realities out of shame or embarrassment. But, most of the "Mother figures" now say they want their lives back, they are tired of being cursed at daily, their daughters are the poster children of defiance. And, we are all so angry that we were misled, deceived, when we tried to do a good thing.

Miserable and Destroyed

Hilary Marquis said...

I believe!!! I would like nothing more than a Thanksgiving Miracle for your family. But, you are correct, God's timing is best... but it sure would be fun if He would pull this off ;)

I'm sorry for the heartache that "Miserable and Destroyed" endured in her own adoption. However, I don't believe that a minor glitch in the plan is a warning. Cindy, I can honestly say, I can see God's hand in this adoption. It may not be easy, it may be quite challenging at times. But, most things worth having in this life are hard!!! Have faith, my friend. You have our very BIG God right beside you.

Raynola said...

Cindy and Family,

Prayer is the strongest and biggest weapon I have got in my arsenal, I will pull out the big guns for you all.

May your wait be short and the journey memorable. Go with God and with all our love.

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry that "Miserable and Destroyed" has had that experience. I can feel the pain she expresses. It is unfair that RAD had not been explained right up front. I thought this was a mandatory topic these days in adoption training. Very unfair to all involved! A child with RAD brings a whole differenct dimension to parenting, and to life, that can leave a family in devastation. I truly hope Anonymous finds some help and peace! Fortunately you La Joys know what may lie ahead and have experiened RAD full on with Joshie. It is different with an older child I am sure. Keep in mind too that the girls have a bond with each other and that is HUGE - if a child has shown attachment to another human being their prognosis is much, much better for dealing with attachment issues. well, I could go on and on about RAD issues but....I hope/know you will hang on to your faith and belief in miracles. They happen every day. I think we often miss them because we look but forget to see! Praying for the miracle, whatever that may look like! Love you lots! Miss Joan

Kimberly said...

Praying in Denver!!!!

Lenore said...

Your frame of mind is amazing, Cindy!! I love you for the calmness that you possess! I believe in the LaJoy family, I believe in you and most of all, I believe in those two little girls who are waiting for you!! This WILL happen!! Our prayers are with you all, now, more than ever!!

Michelle said...

I believe that God never leaves a door half open and doesn't mess around with signs. Life is a maze and God has a plan for you and path for you. The only way he can guide you through the path is if you are prayerfully moving forward. He will shut some doors, open some doors, and give you obstacles to make you stronger and to build you into the person He knows you can become. If you stop...paralyzed by "signs"..He will never be able to guide you where you are supposed to be.

ok off my soap box now...God wants you moving forward and prayerfully making the best decisions you can and He has his hand on you!

Marnie and Jeremy said...

I have to say that I am totally hurt by this persons comment that she was misled. She said that she wanted to make a difference in a childs life. What happened was, she made a difference in her life and she can't handle it. A teenager is going to have their own issues and a teenager that has been institutionalized is going to have an entire host of issues that she can never begin to understand. As far as being lied to, that's crap. She was told all that the agency knew and it was her job to believe it or not. I had custody of my neices when they were teens. For me, they were wonderful, loving beautiful girls. My sister took them back and moved away when my oldest neice was 16. She immediately took alcohol to school and drank on campus getting herself kicked out. That was her way of dealing. My sister loves her girls but knows she was not a good mother to them. This woman needs to deal with her issue of not being able to let this girl into her heart. She isn't a charity case and never asked to be your legacy. Cindy, sorry for ranting but you are a wonderful strong woman and have a huge heart. Your girls will bring their issues home with them and you will work through them as a family. Have a fabulous trip and enjoy every moment!