Tuesday, June 26, 2012

LaJoy Travel Curse Strikes Again!

It has gone generational, the LaJoy Travel Curse now officially has passed on to our kids. We received word this evening that the Air Force Academy has been evacuated and the Civil Air Patrol Cadets moved to Peterson Air Force Base.  I am wondering if Matthew is bummed over the whole thing, or if it is turning into an adventure of a lifetime!

With all the fires in Colorado and three of our beloveds right near the epicenter of a really bad conflagration, we are concerned, but not overly so.  Josh and Olesya are far enough out of the path that they are safe for now, but probably really seeing a lot of smoke.  I worry a little if they hear about the evacuation of the Air Force Academy that they will be concerned about Matt and not have word about him.  Matthew couldn't be in better hands, and maybe is even learning from the experience about organization in emergency.

But...my babies are far from home and near danger.  I am not one to freak out, I rarely panic, and we are ready to go on a moment's notice.  But I doubt we will be getting much sleep tonight as we monitor email and news web sites from afar.

For now, we wait for more information, and realize our poor kids can not escape the LaJoy Travel Curse.  I swear, it is totally real. :-)


Anonymous said...

Praying for safety!
Teresa F

Barbara said...

Drive safe and The Draper's have the same thing. I swear every time we go somewhere directions are never enough and something happens. We look at as an adventure and just go with it. Makes life interesting and full of experiences for sure!!

Anonymous said...

Base has evacuated and shut down except for usafa cadets. They have yet ro be evacuated and inprocessing is still as scheduled for tomorrow at the cadet field house

Anonymous said...

May God's protective arms be around each of you. May you shelter in safety and travel in peace.


Anonymous said...

Thinking of all of you -- had been wondering if the fires had affected you-- hopefully, none near Montrose?

Love and prayers,

Peggy in Virginia