Wednesday, October 14, 2009

We Have Pink!!!

Oh my goodness, it looks like girls are going to live here soon!! HAHAHA!! Dominick and I had to leave for Grand Junction this morning to...get this...can you imagine it...get our fingerprints done AGAIN for our immigration approval as they are close to expiring. I can not even begin to count how many times we have been fingerprinted for this adoption, unbelievable!

However, we had something to look forward to upon our arrival back home. Our friend who offered to paint the bedroom for us came while we were gone and added the pink wall to the 3 yellow walls. And all of a sudden, the little room was transformed into Girlie Land!!! The boys went into the room before I did, running down the hall the minute they stepped inside and I heard a collective "WOW!" out of all three of them, and when I stepped in the room their grins were as big as mine. How much fun this is to share our enthusiasm together as a family!

We really don't have much else for the room or them yet. We have a cute butterfly rug given to us by a special little girl which will be perfect for the room...and offers of a dresser and a bookshelf. Not much at all in the way of clothes, toys, or other decor items. Mainly it is because I have not allowed myself to get my hopes up. I have bought nothing but their quilts for their beds, and if those hadn't been on sale and I was afraid of missing out on that it is likely I might not have even had those yet! I wandered the aisles of JCPenneys the other day, trying to force myself to pick up a pair of pants, a shirt...something. But it seems my heart still is trying to protect itself from disappointment should something fall through. We are past the stage I should be feeling like that, but I think I did it for so long it is hard to let go and embrace the fact that we should be getting the call anytime now! So silly, and yet it is what has allowed me to emotionally distance myself through the long overly drawn out process.

Today we hit another small snag, nothing insurmountable though. We had to take our passports along with us for ID at the immigration office, and I hadn't even looked at mine in months. It seems that both our passports expire in January. ARGH!!! One more thing that we need to take care of, seems like every possible document has expired during this adoption journey. And of course, because we are drawing very close we need to pay the additional fees to expedite it all. Oh well, it actually seems very small compared to the mountains of paperwork we have already done..and redone...and redone. It is kind of funny, really, as when we started this years ago we thought for a moment about it and checked them and then said "Oh, we will be done long before they expire.". Hmmm....ummm...guess not.

While in Grand Junction I did some shopping for myself as I simply have nothing at all that is nice enough to travel in. I am such a "Walmart jeans and ill fitting TShirt" kind of mom these days, in part because I hate shopping and in part out of financial necessity, that I have nothing in my closet at all that I even feel good about wearing out of the house. I HATE SHOPPING for clothes...just hate it with a passion. I hate how I look in every single thing I try on, I hate trying things on in the first place, I hate paying for it all because it always feels overpriced, I hate the static electricity in my hair from taking shirts on and off, I hate the bad Muzak that always plays in department stores, I hate the poor lighting in dressing rooms, I hate the fact that if I find something I DO like it is never available in my size, I hate standing in front of the full length mirror and looking at myself...I HATE IT ALL. Do I make myself clear on this one?

But today I totally scored!!! I didn't know that one of the stores was having a major sale, with tons of things marked down that I tried on and actually sort of fit. This never happens to me, and I was so happy I almost could have cried. I have been dreading shopping for the trip, seriously dreading it with everything that is in me. It was all over with fairly quickly, and I got some decent things at terrific prices that didn't make me gulp at the register. It will be nice to not stand in my teeny tiny closet staring for half an hour wishing something would appear. Now if only it all lasts through Kazakhstani laundry and brown water....definitely not guaranteed.

To top it off, I spoke with Leonette at our agency as I wasn't sure about some issues related to the passports, and it sounds as if we are really getting closer to getting "the call". Oh how you will hear me squeal regardless of how far away you are!! Just kidding, actually, I am totally NOT a squealer and will likely be grinning from ear to ear as I calmly and rationally say "Thanks Leonette" and hang up...and then turn into a whirling dervish of activity!

OK...maybe I'll give just a tiny little squeal...which will come out shortly after the tears of joy are shed.

And now, I think I am going to stroll down our hallway, stand in the middle of a little pink and yellow room, and imagine hearing two little voices giggling in their beds.

Let There Be Pink!!!!!


tac said...

Our daughter's room has a butterfly theme.. Got these great butterflies from to hang from the ceiling. --- we lived with a fully furnished nursery for 7 months before we brought her home.

Lori said...

Seems like November 10 is looking pretty good!! :) Woohoo! Can't wait to see the pink!

Carrie DeLille said...

You LIE!! I KNOW I heard the squeal!! I hate ALL KINDS of shopping myself (surpise)!! Thank you for putting my whining about expiring documents into focus-you've been through so much more!! We had our expiring passports expedited and they were back in 6 days!!

qmiller said...

Looking forward to the squeal being timed perfectly for your arrival in Kaz on 11/27...I'm still feeling good about my predictions!! congrats on pink, and clothes!

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe the talented way you have of extorting money from your readers. You so cleverly mentioned the "shower" for your new children. And, claimed not to want anyone to do anything - yet you accepted gift cards and money readily. If you did not want your readers to do anything, you would never have even brought up the subject of a shower. We adopted an older girl from Russia, too, and when the offer of a "shower" was made to us, we said abosolutely not.

You even are allowing someone to finance your trip to Russia, again! First of all, not all five of you need to go. And, if you cannot afford to go, then you definitely shouldn't be making it in to a family vacation for all of you. Again, we financed our own trips - two together and the third one only one of us went to bring the girl back here due to costs.

Now, you are so cleverly trying to get readers to buy you new clothes, I can tell. You mention your poor tiny closet with no clothes in it. Then go to work. Get a job outside the home and earn what you want. You don't need a new wardrobe for Russia anyhow.

And, poor poor you. No new clothes for the girls. Use the darned gift cards you accepted from kind misguided readers. You're hinting at more donations for the room, for the girls clothing, and for yourself.

If you are that poor and humble, now, why would you ever take on two more children? It's not for any charitible reasons - it's become your occupation. The more kids you have, the more generosity you will accept from your readers.

Shame on you.
You have people painting your ho

Anonymous said...

Dear Cindy and family,

How exciting it is to know your travel date is drawing near! Thank you for allowing us, your blog readers, to “travel” with you these past years as you have faithfully struggled to bring your girls home.

Over many years you have reached out in love and compassion to those in need of encouragement and comfort, shared your expertise, and helped wherever you could. I know, because our family was blessed by your encouragement and advice before we traveled (almost 9 years ago – can you believe it!). It is wonderful that you have people who love you and support you back, who pray for you, and yes, help in some practical ways as well. That’s what love and faith is all about – everyone helps in whatever way they can. I hope that someday anonymous will experience that love being poured out on him (her?). When we traveled, many, many dear friends prayed us through our journey, and it was something I could physically feel when I was too numb and scared to pray myself – I would see the faces in my mind of all our dear friends who were praying. So, you wonderful Lajoys, GO WITH JOY and bring your daughters, sisters home,

With much love from Peggy in Virginia.

Cindy LaJoy said...

To Anonymous,

I am sorry you see our family in this light...that you see me in this light. There is so much wrong with what you have written, so many incorrect assumptions based upon lack of knowledge that I can't even begin to rebut it. And I can't help but wonder how badly you must have been taken advantage of in your life so that you have to try so hard and see that in others...I am truly sorry for the pain you must have experienced somewhere along the way.

We are not "poor and humble", as I try to point out daily on the blog, we are rich in many, many ways...including having far more materially than many people throughout the world do. Maybe even better though is that we are rich because we do not yearn for that which we do not have materially, none of which is all that important anyway! What a blessing THAT is!!

I matter of factly address issues on my blog that others are uncomfortable addressing...probably for fear of comments just like yours. Families (and certainly not just ours, hundreds of them) sacrifice enormous amounts of material wealth in order to bring their children home. And funny how the biggest hurdle to adopting is also the biggest "tabu" subject as well.

Sadly, many people are attacked by others for admitting this is hard financially. After all "You asked for it", right? As if any of us ever 'ask for' infertility. Many people have found comfort and encouragement from our blog realizing that they CAN do it, they have changed their way of thinking by recognizing the value of human life over "stuff". One reason they have realized this is we have explained what we do without to make it possible, not in an effort to have others provide it, but to let others see that what they thought was so important really turns out not to be...and that you can have an incredibly happy life without "things" that others consider impossible to do without. It is NOT impossible!!

While you may think it is in an effort to get "stuff", which frankly is so meaningless to us as those close to us know, it is in an effort to recognize the "heart" of adoption...the empty room because of fear of having to get rid of "stuff" when an adoption can not be is not because we couldn't buy things ourselves. I know 65 Kyrgy waiting families who can understand exactly where I am coming from, even if you can not. And maybe it helps them to hear someone else understands their pain.

It's not at all about "stuff", it is about connecting hearts long distance with strangers whom your heart goes out to and you can't hug in person.

It is about not feeling so alone.

Thanks for commenting, Anonymous. You have given me reason to review the love of others yet again and to give up a prayer of thanks for those who choose not to remain anonymous but who will openly give of themselves in both word and deed.

And as I review the names in my mind of those who love us and care for us in so many ways, maybe I will take back one comment I made earlier.

I am humbled.


Anonymous said...

It is sad there are some who have such angry hearts they cannot see the joy you share with all of us through your adoption journey. So sorry they do not know you and your family like I do and like so many others do. It takes a village to raise a child and I feel grateful that you, and other adopting families, take on the challenges, responsibilities, heartache, and plain hard work to do what I am unable to do. I do my part by being as supportive as I can be in whatever way I can be. I hope you won't let those comments from anonymous get you down. I KNOW how difficult it has been for you to accept the giving from others. I KNOW that you accept it on behalf of your children, with God's blessing and there is not an ounce of selfishness involved. I find myself so angry at this person because I KNOW you and they are so wrong you have inspired me in my faith - I will leave this person for God to tend to.

In the meantime - I am anxiously waiting to hear your squeal!! Love to you all! Miss Joan

Lenore said...

This is getting oh, so exciting!! We think of you each and every day!! Please remember that I'm here, with Notary stuff at the ready, should you need any time!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow! what a strange world we live in. It amazes me that someone would take the time and put so much energy into being mean. I feel sorry for their "girl" who is so conspicuously not refered to as their daughter. In our house we have one simple rule: "If it isn't kind, true and necessary, don't say it." Wouldn't the world be a better place if everyone lived by that.
God Bless You Cindy! You know what true wealth is. And all of your friends know that you can't take it with you, so share it.
Teresa Foltin

Anonymous said...

BTW, are you sure that "anonymous" isn't your neighbor down the street? LOL

Carrie DeLille said...

Somebody is very bitter, how sad. You didn't ask to have your whole family go over, it was given. You're being careful with the gifts that were given, many with the intent for you to help pay for gas as time goes on. We who love you know you are not asking for pity or more money or clothes or anything else. I know your heart must have sunk when you read such bitterness and why would you get a job to put the children you've waited for for so long into day care for someone else to raise them-so your closets can be full of meaningless, burn in the end, "things"? Don't think for one minute that anyone else feels you were looking for clothes, pity or money-we all thank you for your honesty. You've done incredible things with the resources you have and have touched hearts-touched them enough that they're moved to want to be a part of your adoption. They know your hearts and I love you!!

Anonymous said...


Maybe one good thing to come out of this is to be reminded of all the people who have faith in you and want to feel, in some small way, that they are part of this adoption that you have waited and prayed for over many years. We, your bog readers, are waiting and praying along with you too! I especially agree with the comments from Miss Joan and Carrie.

Peggy in Virginia

Anonymous said...

Dear Cindy,

I don't know you personally (and yet, through your blog I feel like I do!), but I just wanted you to know that I am so happy for all of you -- first that your daughters will soon be coming home. Secondly, I'm happy that you all can travel and take this trip as a family -- and I hope (and pray) that it somehow works out that you get to see Kenny's friends, too!

May God continue to bless you all -- and please DON'T let anonymous negative comments (or not-so-anonymous neighbors!) discourage you.


Lisa said...

Keep thinking "Pink" LaJoys!! IT IS happening and pink walls are just the start! Just wait until there are pigtails, braids, headbands, nail polish, earrings....all the bling that is happily girls! :)

I've missed something along the way (anonymous?), but just know that(most) of us of stopping by wish you nothing but the best! :)

P.S. I know it can be hard to open your heart at times to the anticipation and joy....but can I gently nudge you towards one tiny doesn't have to be big...or flashy....just something that reminds you of the girls and brings a smile to your face when the bumps in the road occur. Maybe something you can do or share with them once they are home? I think you owe it to yourself...and frankly deserve it.
Sorry about my pushy 2 cents...not my usual way, but gosh, you need this!!