Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Be The Answer

The Joint Council on International Children's Services is an amazing group of dedicated people who advocate for children all over the world. While a good portion of the work they do involves adoption advocacy, they are also are active in all sorts of other projects as well.

They recently started a new campaign called "Be The Answer". Check it out at: .

I missed out on yesterday's goals for fundraising for them, as we were out of town for a dental check up for Kenny. However this is such a worthy let the world hear from those who can not be heard by using our voices. There are millions and millions of orphans throughout the world, and we can "Be The Answer" by stepping forward to tell their stories and try and make a difference.

These are the stories of our very own children, these are the lives of their friends left behind. Can you contribute your time, your funds or your talents to JCICS? They need all of it, anything you can offer. Over 100 million orphans throughout the world have no one to hold them, to rock them, to teach them, to love them. Most of them don't have enough food to eat, or shoes to wear.

What orphans need most is family. They need the nurturing of someone who truly loves them, they need to be able to stay with families and not removed from their care due to poverty, they need to be able to be taken in by relatives when parents die of AIDS, they need to be adopted by loving strangers when no better alternative exists to institutional care. JCICS fights for this and more.

Come on...Be The Answer!

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