Friday, May 13, 2011


Hi All!  It is almost 1:00 AM here and  we have been going for hours and hours.  I had issues with Blogger the past couple of days, and honestly haven't had a moment to blog anyway!  I have TONS of pics to share (after I do some editing, I never post photos straight out of the camera, I am not that good of a photographer for that!), we are having the most amazing experience ever, and I will do my very best to blog and post tomorrow, so stay tuned!  Right now though, my eyes are burning because I am so tired...and need to get the light off rather than type from the floor of the bathroom so the girls can get some much needed sleep.  We have so much more yet we want to see, and already have hit so much!!!  Thanks for checking on us, and for letting me know the blog was messed up.  Got hacked somehow but now it appears to be fixed.

Check back late tomorrow night, I hope to have a lot up by then!  Nighty night!!

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Anonymous said...

So glad the blog is up and running. I can get along without it when you aren't posting anything new, but I can't miss my LaJoy blog fix.

Miss you,