Sunday, May 15, 2011

NYC Random Photos and Day 3

Just a few random photos...

Delighted with the skyline.

Two totally pooped boys!

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The Intrepid is HUGE!

No, I am not trying to chop out the girls, Olesya had the oddest look on her face!  And we all agreed this was so handsome of all our boys.

Oh My Goodness...when did Matthew become this young man??  Seeing him from, afar made my heart flip.  He isn't really  a boy any longer.  After seeing this photo I better understood the reaction he got on the subway today from a couple of cute Asian girls in their 20's, but sheesh, I wanted to say "Keep your eyes off...good grief,he's only ELEVEN!"
We all laughed at seeing such a broad smile on Matthew's usually stoic face.  Angela giggled and said "Mama...I never see Matthew smile this much ever!"

Our third day here was especially for Matthew, as we visited the Intrepid Air and Space Museum, which for those of you who don't know is the retired aircraft carrier that has been turned into a museum.  We all realized this was a dream of Matt's and everyone gladly went.  Actually, all of us really enjoyed seeing it, even Olesya who I thought would be totally bored.  She said it was interesting to see how the sailors lived. 

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Lenore said...

Before I even started to look at the pictures here, I thought of Matthew!! He must have been in seventh heaven!! What a wonderful day you had! Loving all of the pictures. Thank you for posting, especially since it's been a difficult thing to do! Soooo good to see everyone having fun!! Please remember to get infront of the camera occasionally too!!!
Hoping that you're feeling better....thinking of you all!!