Sunday, May 15, 2011

NYC - Day 1 and 2 Photos

When you have never lived in a place where your freedom can be acted upon, this can be quite disturbing.  Aren't we truly lucky?  We forget that sometimes when we criticize our government vehemently...that we actually have the RIGHT to criticize openly in the first place.

This was a small portion of the overall size of the protest.

Looking above, I saw office workers who too were obviously a little surprised by the size of the protest.

Kenny was quiter scared at first, but settled down quickly when he realized the truth of what I said about it being peaceful...just vocal.  He was the first one to say "Mommy, how can they get rid of SIX THOUSAND teachers?  What will the kids do?"

Josh didn't quite know what to make of it...should he be nervous or excited?  With the members of a marching band joining in, it was hard not to be caught up in the excitement of it all.

How do you feed 7 cheaply in Manhattan without a Walmart? You buy the pizza and hot dog lunch deals and split them among everyone.  Thanks Jill for the tips on Papaya Dog and Ray's Pizza...we have had them both and fed 2 kids for $4.99!  The McDonald's we have visited here don't have a Dollar is $1.89 per item, which doubles our food cost.  We have sampled some extraordinary pizza though, and they are right, it even beats Chicago!

Here is Joshie with the snake, I warned him that I drew the line with reptiles as pets...dumb dogs, yes, snakes, no.  And you all know I'll eventually give in on that one too, I am sure, but it will take a lot of convincing :-)


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Oh, I am sure you'd be able to hold out for another 10 years or so :-)