Sunday, May 29, 2011

Kyrgyz Kids!!

I am trying to get all caught up before I leave Maryland for next week's new adventures, so that is why you are getting tons of posts here.  This is Post #4 in 2 days, for those who want to go back and look at the pictures from this past couple of weeks.

Yesterday was the reason we centered our trip to the East Coast on this particular time frame.  We are back in the DC area (Bethesda) for the weekend for the Kyrgyz Adoptive Families Cultural Celebration.  Because of the make up of our family and the similarities between Kyrgyz and Kazakh cultures, we often just look at ourselves as generally Central Asian (and yes, we often talk about Dominick and I being outnumbered! Haha!).  Kenny's Kyrgyz background is just blended into our larger Kazakh set of kids.  This was a chance for his country to be lifted up and appreciated, and all the kids recognized the need for Kenny to have "his" day.

We had such fun!  We met families whom we have known only via the internet but who feel like extended family.  I was a little uncertain how it would be for our kids, knowing they would be the oldest and that the majority of kids attended would be preschoolers.  However, in usual LaJoy style, we came to have a great time regardless...and we did!  Several of the kids ended up spending time in the kitchen helping prepare foods for the event and learning more about their favorite dishes.  They played games, heard music, watched educational videos and had a terrific time.  We are headed off in just a bit to the picnic where we also expect to have a blast:

Waiting somewhat patiently for Samsa!

Taken by Joshie

Kenny did the best he could to make himself short for the photo!


Anonymous said...

What fun that Kenny should try to make himself small. I know you are concerned about the effects of his early lack of care and nutrition on his size, so now he has a chance to be the big guy.

Once again the big smiles--did you know it takes more muscles to frown than smile. Don't you worry that your kids' frown muscles will atrophy away to nothing.

Hope you had a blast at the picnic. I know you did.

Now that I've seen the other Kyrgy kids, I know that you aren't the only ones storming the East Coast.

See you soon,

4texans said...

Great update!