Sunday, May 15, 2011

More pics

Olesya has had her camera in her hand the entire time, so has Joshua.

...escept for when he has had a steering wheel for an aircraft carrier in his hands! you call it a steering wheel on an aircraft carrier???

The crew, ready to blast away!!

What is it about Kenny?  That smile...the delight...although there are times I fear he will never mature, there are moments like this when I want him to remain just as he is.

Sorry this is such a "Matthew heavy" post, but it is an aircraft carriers, so what do you expect???  His jaw drapped when he saw this enormous copy of the Intrepid made completely of Legos.  Everyone was so excited for him and drug him over when we saw it.

Look at that face...

I had a talk with Matthew as we walked through the exhibits about what his future might hold.  Right now, it is a pilot and has been for a long while, but I want him to see unique careers as engineering aircraft, a history professoer, or in all seriousness being a Lego designer.  It is hard to deny the passion seeing these photos, and we are only limited in career choiuce by our own imagination.

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Anonymous said...

Love watching Dom taking a pic of you taking a pic of Matt...

Ms Jane