Thursday, June 14, 2007

Strange Things In A Strange Land

1) Real grass you can run and play on! The first day home he ran, and ran, and ran around our yards just enjoying the cool, green grass underfoot.
2) Taking apart Daddy's razor - And yes, it DOES make a mess!
3) Toasters are cool, and the bread pops up!
4) Milk cold is icky! We have to warm it in the microwave for him to drink it, then he drinks it like crazy.
5) We LOVE playing with the remote control for the the doors, close the doors, lock the doors, unlock the doors, open the doors, close the doors, unlock the doors, lock the doors...well, you get the picture ;-)
6) We do NOT turn the swamp cooler on and off over and over again, one of the no-no's of the house
7) Sam's Club and the snacks there are FUN and we get to try new foods for free! Likes: M&M's and popcorn mixed, Dislikes: potato salad
8) Mommy will read as many books to you as she can, anytime.
9) You can ask a gazillion times for binoculars, and you STILL are not getting a pair! Don't ask me why binoculars are the hit.
10) We still haven't figured out what the dishwasher it a dish drainer?
11) Clothes Dryers are amazing, and the lint trap is totally the best!
12) When mommy says "No", she means it, period.
13) Super Soakers make great weapons, but Daddy's pressure washer wins!!
14) Ordering a waitress around in Russian when in America simply doesn't work.
15) You don't have to say "I'm sorry" for every little thing, Mom and Dad love you and will not get rid of you for a minor transgression.


Anonymous said...

Xander thought all the houses/cars/businesses/places were too cold here too. Jim mentioned it to one of the docs he works with and he suggested making sure that the boys had a good multi-vitamin as they could be iron-deficient/anemic. It took a few days and Xander was no longer complaining (or getting his jacket). Now he's as hot natured as the rest of us! Just thought I'd pass along the info :)

Sarah said...
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