Thursday, June 28, 2007

Happy Anniversary!!!

Today is our 21st wedding anniversary, and it was 25 years ago this month that we first started dating. It was a totally uneventful day, we didn't go out for dinner, we didn't even buy each other a card. Even in this I am may think to yourself "What??? 21 years and NOTHING?? Why be grateful???".

I am grateful because I have a husband and a partnership and a marriage where we can look at each other honestly and say "Man, I just don't have it in me at the moment...I am tapped out emotionally and I am exhausted, but I sure do love you!!" and we know that we do love each other completely. We don't make a habit out of not celebrating our special holidays, but we don't always make a big deal out of it either. I guess we both make a point of telling each other almost daily how we feel about each other, that we are glad we are married to each other, so the anniversary date isn't such a big deal. We don't hold it all in reserve for that one day a year. We are not a "mushy lovey dovey" type of couple, we are very matter of fact with each other actually. We know we have something that most people never will have in their lifetime and we don't take it for granted for even a moment. We joke with each other all the time, we laugh often, we live life and all of it's ups and downs...and yet we try to take time to let each other know we appreciate each other very much. I tell Dominick all the time how much I am thankful to have a husband who will do whatever it takes to put food on the table, working unglamorous jobs that no one else really wants to do...washing cars, killing bugs, delivering newspapers, working at a candy factory...these are justa few of the odd things he has done over the years. I mean every word of it too, and he does as well when he tells me that he recognizes all the hard work it takes to get everything done in the other areas of our life, or when I work during the winter months and drive the long, cold 1 1/4 hour drive back and forth each way to work.

We are broke this year, flat out broke, and we don't have money for dinner out or presents that we don't really need. We jokingly said today thatw e got Kenny for our anniversary!!

I have loved this man since I was 15 years old, I recognized him as my future husband when I was still a child. We have been faithful, loyal, loving and committed to one another ever since, long before vows were ever spoken our respect for one another dictated our future. Now, I am sure that to others neither of us is a great "catch". Somehow though, that doesn't matter at all. We have built a wonderful life, a loving family, and we are happier than most couples I know.

What more could I ever want out of life? Would a dozen roses make me any happier? Or does he show his love for me in other less traditional ways such as calling this afternoon to know if he could stop by the store for anything so I wouldn't have to go out, or making sure I have an ice cold Diet Coke in the fridge when I am craving one. He may not be Prince Charming to some, but he is to me when he makes sure I come home to not an ounce of laundry after being gone to New York, and that the house is picked up, and when I see him snuggled up on the bed reading to the boys after such a long, hot day I think he is the best thing since sliced bread.

I love my husband so much, Dominick has always been the love of my life, I can't even remember life without him. He has held me as well as my family up through the hardest, saddest of times, he has been tough when necessary and soft when required. He IS a man and sometimes doesn't "get it", but I quess that is what I am here for, to help him figure it all out...

My best friend, I love you and will remain with you all of my days. May God grant us long and interesting lives together, the past 21 sure haven't been boring!! What do the next 21 hold for us? Please DON'T say trips to the outer reaches of the Congo or some such nonsense...I am not sure I am up for that!! Hahahaha! Well...maybe if we could visit an orphanage...hahahaha! Just kidding :-)

Love you THIS much Domby, as the boys would say "I love you all the way to Kazakhstan and back!!".

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Susan said...

What a wonderful tribute, Cindy. Happy anniversary to you both.
-Susan in Western CO