Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Travel Planning

We have spent the last couple of days on the phone and internet trying to book a fairly complicated trip. Here is our tentative plan, which could change at any moment!

We are hoping to book reservations leaving Montrose rather than Denver which is 5 hours away from us. We are going to layover a couple of days in London and do some sightseeing (and give the kids a rest), then on to Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan for the adoption...then we drive to Almaty, Kazakhstan to complete the process through the US Embassy there, then I will travel by myself to Petropavlovsk, Kazakhstan to visit the girls we sponsor there through the Antares Foundation, then back to Almaty...then finally home. Whew!

My head has been spinning just thinking about the logistics of all of this, and the travel planning has been quite a challenge, more than we anticipated. No flights are booked yet but we are hoping to get it completed in the next day or two, if we can.

All I know for certain is that on May 25th I will hold our new son in my arms!!!

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