Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Kazakh Kid

This is Joshua dressed in his traditional Kazakh outfit. He wore it for our speaking engagement in Grand Junction last week. It was the first time he has worn it, and he looked SO Kazakh to me, reminding me very much of the young boys we saw dressed in the ceremonial attire at the Victory Day celebration when we adopted Matthew.


Julie and John Wright said...

What a great Photo. All the best on your trip!

Hubs said...

I love this picture. What a great smile.

lara said...

lovely picture congratulations on the newest member of your family!!

Unknown said...

My daughter lead me to your site. God Bless And thanks for the RAD info. I work for a child psychiatrist and am learning as I go. It is wonderful to hear of your success. What a beautiful boy. In a few days I will get to meet my new granddaughter. Anara.

Cindy LaJoy said...


Anara is beautiful...as is Violet, and I think that you have a wonderful daughter in Amanda...she "gets it" and that is, in my less than eloquent way, the highest praise I usually bestow on people :-) Thanks for reading the blog and I hope it has provided you with some insight into what your daughter and her family are experiencing right now. Your support is so important!! RAD is not something most kids adopted go through, and I doubt Anara will...but there are so many other things to offer support and encouragement with...acceptance of her culture as part of your extended family, viewing her as just another one of your grandkids, learning more about adoption and it's issues, and simply showing you care enough to be involved and reading blogs like mine surely will help Amanda and validate her experience with Anara. Thanks again, and give little Anara a big squeeze for me too!