Sunday, April 22, 2007

Finally Relaxing

I sit here writing tonight, and I finally feel relaxed for the first time in months. The majority of the major committments in my life are now over with, and I feel as if I can finally focus 100% on our adoption trip and Toktogul joining us. The sermon went well this morning, and I heaved a huge sigh of relief once it was over. I hadn't realized just how stressed I was over it until it was all said and done! Cub Scouts is over for the year, as we ended it early to get ready for travel. I am the Cubmaster/Denleader for Pack 479 in Olathe, Colorado and we have 12 wonderful little guys in our Pack. That along with church committee meetings, full-time work that just ended, and adoption paperwork and planning has left me feeling pretty drained. I had a relaxing afternoon today working on scrapbooking with my friend, yacking and playing, and it helped drop everything down a notch.

But now is the time for the 4 of us...time to reconnect, to enjoy the closeness and love that is the soul of our family. Time to take a moment or two just for me. And time to really absorb that our lives are about to be forever changed. We will relish this last 4 weeks as a family of 4 all the while looking forward with great joy to becoming a family of 5. I was talking on the phone today with my mom and referred to the boys having "brothers", and stopped for a second when I let the pluralization sink in, and it was lovely to hear my own words.

It is so nice to be home and not running constantly, to feel hugged by my homelife which although not up to some people's standards is absolutely wonderful to us. Dominick and I sat down together and had breakfast at the same time, and it was something we hadn't done since the hectic winter months had begun. We looked at each other and laughingly said "Hello! Nice to see you!". I think that despite the stress of travel, our long trip together will be a very special time in our lives with no interruptions, just hanging with our boys playing games, and just being together. I am very much looking forward to this retreat from the world in many ways.

I am also very much looking forward to the chance to use my camera on the trip, which I haven't done in quite awhile now. I am a TOTAL amateur photographer but I truly love it, even if I stink at it. I have a "different" eye, shall we say, and sometimes what I see that is fascinating to me is not at all of interest to anyone else. But it is fun and harmless, and thanks to digital cameras is a free hobby once the camera is paid for!! I will try and post a few of my favorite photos I have taken over the years here on the blog, but you have to promise not to laugh!

Now on to Monday, 27 days until liftoff!!!

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