Wednesday, April 04, 2007

HELP!! Anyone know Russian Children's Sizes?

I need help, and I am hoping that someone who reads the blog may be able to answer my question...please??!!??!!

We were provided with sizes for Toktogul by our coordinator, but they were the Kyrgyz/Russian sizes and I am clueless as to what the American equivalent would be.

Here is what I was given:

size (shirt?) 68/sm
trousers 70/sm
shoes 24/sm

Can anyone give me an idea what sizes I should be buying?? If so, please comment or email me so Tokie doesn't have to leave the orphanage naked! Hahahaha!


Shannon said...

Cyndi -

Hope this helps - the bottom chart is a children's size converter. Now you can really start shopping - have fun!

Amira said...

I have no guesses on the pants since we never bought pants in Kyrgyzstan, but I just checked a shirt we bought in Kyrgyzstan for my son. It's labelled 70 and he wears a 4 or 5. I would guess a 68 in a shirt would be a 4. I really hope someone else comes along with better guesses.

As I recall, since I can't find the pair of shoes we bought there, the shoe sizes are the European sizes in centimeters, so that might be around a 7-8? That seems small though in comparison to the shirt, but it seemed to me that the children in the orphanage wore pretty tight shoes.

But like I said, I hope someone else can help more. These are just my best guesses.

Nick & Mary Sue said...

Hi Cindy -
I am not sure, but I think the sizes correspond to chest measurements for shirts, hip (or waist?) measurements for pants...
here's a chart that compares different size scales used round the world. If I get a chance I'll check the few clothing items I saved for our kids - compare the sizes to something comparable in the US.

Mary Sue

Jackie said...

Cindy, I don't know the answer to your question, but I've asked a friend of mine who adopted two girls from Russia and perhaps he recalls the translation. Good luck. Pipi in FL

azeh said...

Hi Cindy
I haven't checked your page in a while as we have been away on holiday .. will send a long email soon .. in the meanwhile maybe its cm for centimetres? Isn't the s in Russian similar to the c?
Take care
And so great that its all progressing so fast
Ashley in SA