Sunday, December 05, 2010

Pie Challenge Update

Thanks everyone!  Thus far we have raised $350 to bring Christmas to orphaned children in Kyrgyzstan!!  That means 3 1/2 Little LaJoy's (I know some are not so little these days!) will get a pie in the face...but we have 1 1/2 more kids to go.  Don't leave one of them out, I personally want to hear the squeals of all 5 of them as I get the pleasure of slamming a pie right in their kisser!! Hahaha!  Only $150 to go for all of the kids...but another $200 if you want THEM to get US!  Yes, Dominick and I are both willing to take one as well if we raise a total of $700.

There are a million ways to spend your Christmas dollars, I know that.  Helping unknown children who live far away may seem a low priority.  For our family, and for so many others who read this blog...these children are our children staring back at is Kenny, Matthew, Joshie, Angela or Olesya a few years back...or even a year ago still stuck in Kid Prison with no one to love them.  A post card is a treasured object, what would a real gift bag be like for them?  Many of the kids leave the orphanage only once a year, if they are lucky, when John Wright or others provide an outing.  Otherwise they have no exposure to the outside world whatsoever.  Your small donation can add up to help them get a trip out for Christmas in addition to a gift!

Please help us help them.  Log on to and click on the Paypal button for American pie challenge and donate whatever you feel called to donate.  $5 will even help!  This silly tradition which our family actually started 2 years ago has grown to a possible $10,000 fundraiser with people all over America, Canada...and yes, even Kyrgyzstan, being willing to take a pie for the kids!  Let's keep it going!

And thank you so much on behalf of the children who will be unable to thank you in any way other than with their huge smiles in the photos John will have taken to share with us all!


Anonymous said...

Thanks Team LaJoy for starting a tradition that brings joy and laughter round the world. I'm looking forward to pictures from Kyrgystan and from Montrose. No way can we let the kids be creamed without getting you and Dominick, Cindy.

Waiting for the day,

Anonymous said...

Who gets the last pie, Cindy? Who is going to motivate us to give that last little bit? You or Dominick? ;-) Love, Vegas