Friday, August 31, 2007

Another Answered Prayer!! God is GOOD!!

Many of you who have been following our blog since we traveled in May will remember my post about Kenny's two friends, Askar and Turat. These little boys were at Kenny's orphanage and were his brothers in every sense of the word. I have photos of them on the blog posted after we arrived home in early June.

We just got word that they are being adopted together!!! I received an email from the soon-to-be Daddy and it happens to be someone I met briefly in Bishkek. Our whole family is so excited, so happy that these precious little guys will now have a family. We have kept them in prayer, and Kenny has asked us several times if we could adopt them...but of course that is impossible, and we never felt they were really "ours" in that way that other adoptive families can understand. But they never left our hearts and I feel that I can rest easy knowing they will be cherished, and Kenny can know he hasn't left them behind to remain in the orphanage. Of course, his first response was "Momma, maybe in 10 or 20 days we can go to Bishkek and see them!!", that's not happening :-)

But we have been blessed in the fact that this family understands the need to stay connected for our kids, and hopefully a wonderful long distance relationship will develop that will be beneficial for all of us.

And yet again, I sit back in amazement at what God can do.


Mom to 2 Angels said...

Great news for those sweet little boys.

Julie and John Wright said...

That is such good news....I have been praying for them...Do you think ther new fmily has the meens , or do you think they could still use financial help with the medical condition?

Blessings John

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing the blessing of this news with the rest of us.