Sunday, December 12, 2010

MORE MORE MORE!!! Challenge is on!!

OK Folks!  The challenge has been upped...2 pies each if we hit $1400!!  And I love Dominick's idea of having the kids chase each other around with cans of whipped cream if we hit it...and of course it will all be filmed for your viewing pleasure.

I have another goal...I want the LaJoy's to raise the most for John and the kids, after all WE have the most kids! Hahaha!  The Marquis family is closing in on us, help us stay ahead!  And to prove I am still a great sport about it and adore Hilary and Tim and their kids, despite my desire to BEAT them (all in fun, you know), I even added $50 five minutes ago to THEIR challenge to help them try and beat US! HAHAHAHA!! Maniacle laughs are my favorite!  Special thanks for the additional $50 I added that came in the mail from our weaving friend, Elinor :-) 

Come on folks, John is a couple thousand short which means some kids are going to be left out this year.  PLEASE don't let that happen!!  Join  us in the pie challenge, and change the holidays for an orphan!


Lenore said...

YOU CAN DO IT....YoU CaN Do It.....You Can Do can do it!! Team LaJoy is the best!!!

Hilary Marquis said...

YOU ARE SO BAD! And I love you :) GO TEAM LAJOY!

Dominick said...

$293 left for challenge, hurry your help is needed for the $10000 challenge!!

Anonymous said...


(Sorry -- couldn't resist that)

Peggy in Virginia, having just checked the numbers on John's web site.


Anonymous said...

And what can we do to give ongoing support to one or all the children?