Friday, December 10, 2010

$1235 and Counting!!!

We are at $1235 for donations...thanks to those who have continued to donate to the Kyrgyz Christmas Pie Challenge despite us reaching our goal at $700.  While I don't know who all has donated on our behalf, we are very, very grateful and can't wait to do the pies for you.  We were doing a little better healthwise today, but just a few minutes ago Joshie came and lay down next to me telling me he feels lousy.  I want the kids to be feeling good enough to enjoy the fun of it, so will hold off another day or two to actually do it.

Aside from the pies though, John is still shy over $3000 from his goal.  That means some of the children will not get Christmas unless we all pitch in and see to it that the goal is met. If you read this blog and have gained anything at all from following our family's story, I'd like to ask you to please consider even a $10 donation, for those $5 and $10 donations are powerful and add up.  There are only two days left in the Challenge, two more days to see to it that all the orphans John is connected with get to have a special Christmas.

Please help if you can, and if you already have, we are very grateful.


Anonymous said...

Does this mean that if we make it to $1400 every LaJoy gets two pies in the face? What flavors do you prefer? I'm ready to bake.


Anonymous said...


What a great idea -- 2 pies each for $1400.

Fellow blog readers, can we do it by do it by tomorrow night?

Lajoys, how about it -- 2 pies each????


Anonymous said...


Thanks Peggy, how about $2100 and we each get 2 cans of whip cream apiece and chase each other through the backyard spraying each other? At least then we have white stuff on the ground!! I'm game!!