Thursday, December 09, 2010

Kenny's Theology :-)

Overheard coming from the back seat of our minivan this evening while driving Kenny and Josh to TaeKwonDo:

Joshua:  Mommy, how can God be in every church and in every house in the whole world at the same time?

Kenny (Jumping in to answer):  Because God is like jelly.

Mom:  God is like jelly?  Is that what you meant to say or did I misunderstand you?

Joshua:  You mean God is like Jello.

Kenny:  No, I mean God is like jelly.

Mom:  What do you mean?  I am totally not following you, Kenny.

Kenny:  Well, God is like jelly because He fills in the on an English Muffin.  That's how He can be everywhere.  He is just spread all over and fills in the holes in churches and houses, like jelly does on the English Muffin.

Mom:  (Dumbfounded by perfectly logical kid theology, remains silent)


Anonymous said...

Which LaJoy is applying for Licensed Ministry?

Just asking,

Hilary Marquis said...

That little boy is going to do great things :)

Anonymous said...

Loved this!

Have fun with the pies!


Lori said...

Seriously....what a smart, smart, SMART little boy!!! PERFECT answer!

Lenore said...

PERFECT, Kenny!!! LOVE IT!! I'll be using that quote!!! :)