Friday, December 17, 2010

Cool Learning Links...Even for Adults!

I have gathered a few very cool links lately that I thought I'd share with all of you.  Seriously, some of these are awesome and you need to check them out;

First is this one, which is a visual scale of the universe you can play with...totally awesome for adults or kids:

For Christmas I just had this one sent to me today, and Dominick and I laughed like crazy over it.  you may have already seen it as it has probably gone viral but it highlights just how much our lives have changed.  Check out a digital nativity/Christmas:

Then I stumbled upon some links for kids that are absolutely the very best in educational games and web site links.  Seriously, your child will have safe and engaging sites to check out if you hit these links, some of the best and not the cheesy little shoot t'em up, bang bang games....there are educational web sites from the very best designers who are trying to get information across in more interesting ways.  Every subject imagineable is featured here and there are many options.  You and your kids could spend months checking all of these out and come away with a halfway decent education on a variety of subjects without even knowing you were learning!

One that is fantastic and will continue to grow is a new site that is sort of role playing game centered around the Revolutionary War.  They are going to create other "missions" or modules as well, and this is really a wonderful site to sit down and work with.  Matthew has played it a lot already and is learning a lot.

Not sure if I posted this site yet, but I am impressed with the curriculum and the way it is presented.  Very different approach to education, and it encourages the child to be self-directed as well as come to their own conclusions about whatever they are studying.  Not a fill-in-the-blank type or multiple choice type of curricula.  There are samples online of every study, and if you are looking for something to encourage deeper thinking, I highly recommend it particularly for history and science.

You need to check this out when you have a few minutes if you are interested in education in general, very, very well done presentation in an animated format which will keep you watching:

OK...that's it...boring post but someone might find these links to be absolutely wonderful, just as we have.  It seems a shame to keep them to myself!  If you do hit any of them, let me know what you think.  I'm very curious to hear from you all and learn what your opinion is.

Yea, like you don't have enough to do right now! Hahaha!


Anonymous said...

Great tips. I'm always looking for ways to increase my learning AND I'll refer it to my daughter to find things for her son to use.

Thanks for keeping me learning,

Anonymous said...

I just watched the youtube video for Changing Education Paradigms. Wow! That made so much sense. I've seen so many kids struggle with our education system as it is today and so many kids labeled as ADHD. The presenter was correct. Things do need to change. Now, how long will that actually take since more and more arts are being cut from the schools with budget cuts and pressure to teach "the basics" of math, reading, science, and social studies for the standardized tests. Thanks for sharing Cindy!

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