Friday, May 08, 2009

Puffy Face

Post-surgery yesterday evening...not feeling good at all, swelling not too bad yet. He LOVES his monkey sent by our adoption buddy! And today, we were teasing that it was the perfect stuffed animal because his swollen lip makes them look a lot alike!! :-)

Today dawns a new day, and tears abounded upon Kenny awakening as the pain from his hip was intense and his face was much more swollen than yesterday. The meds helped some and he is up in a wheelchair right now but has yet to stand or bear weight on his legs and hips. Based upon his reaction just trying to scoot up in bed, his first few days at home without the med pump into his hip are going to be excruciating. He is such a trooper, and despite the swelling in his face that doesn't seem to be causing him a huge amount of pain.

This is swollen but only about half of what it looks like now,
his lip is enormous, poor kiddo!
I hate to be leaving him today, but right now Dominick is likely to be the better one to help him as he is stronger and can lift him more gently and easily than I can. We are making plans for him when he gets home, as he will not be able to sleep in his loft bed for quite awhile and we will have to place an air mattress on the floor and surround him with pillows to protect his hip. I also need to stock up on soft foods as I wanted to make sure of what was safe before we bought items.
I am missing Matthew and Joshie a lot and can't wait to see them! As wonderful as this place is, I am going to be quite happy to sleep in my own bed. Dominick and Kenny are coming home Sunday night and then finally we will all be together again, the way we should be :-) I know the boys will all be glad to see one another again too.
So we are done with the worst of it for this episode, knowing we have yet another to face sometime probably this year. One day at a time...slow healing on many facets.


Anonymous said...

Poor baby!! He looks so miserable in the first picture. I am looking forward to seeing that smiling face again.

I am glad he loves the monkey.

Hope you got some rest last night.

hug to all of you


Lindsay said...

Wishing Kenny a speedy recovery. Safe journey home for all of you.