Monday, December 03, 2007

They Liked Me! They Really Liked Me!

Hahahaha! Couldn't resist that posting title! :-) I just received a comment on the blog that I'll share here:


My husband Ken and I attended the Adoption Alliance classes Friday & Saturday and I wanted to tell you that your presentation and your story were absolutely invaluable to us. I'm surprised to read that you were a little nervous - you didn't seem to be at all! We really thought you must do these all the time! Anyway, thank you so much for taking the time to put together such a thoughtful, informative and emotion-filled presentation. I'll now be a loyal reader of your blog!

Kelly Arnold

So guys, we all did it together! Your suggestions were so helpful and I felt I would be lucky if I walked out of there having helped one couple with the story of our goofy little family. It really was more of a challenge than I expected to turn back the hands of time to when I was a "newbie" many of the fearswe had the first time around are now ones I laugh at ever worrying about! It is not that they are not valid, it's just that we have now done it 3 times and they have proven to be without merit. Having those of you who are new to all of this offer suggestions about the things that you are most concerned about, and the things I have blogged about that have been the most helpful helped me go backwards in time, and I thank you all.

I ended up spending a good portion of the time discussing attachment disorder, and read most of my blog post response to Amanda's question that she asked awhile back, as there was a good mix of domestic and international adoptive families present and a surprising number who were considering older child adoption (Yea!!!). My only wish now was they they all could have seen the little boy Josh turned into after hearing about the struggles. No words can express who he is today, the wonderful, sweet, tender, no-training-wheels boy he has grown to be.

Darn it if I don't love my kids to death!!

Anyway, Kelly thanks for your comment. I walked out of there feeling uncertain about how it went on the receiving end of it all...and like I was a Big Goof. Your entire group asked some terrific questions!


Jamie said...

Of course they liked you! How could you ever question it? You are humble, honest, and inspiring. God has big plans for you Cindy! More speaking engagements? I wouldn't doubt it. A book? I know I would buy it! You have changed the lives of those three boys, but what you don't know is how many other lives you have touched with your story.

Suzanne said...

Well, of course they liked you! You rock!

Hey, I just sent you an email via the kyrgyz adoption group, with Christy's email address in it. She says, "Send the Aktobe pictures!" She can print them out at work if she gets them tomorrow. Not sure how else to get in touch with you.