Sunday, December 02, 2007


Matthew and I are finally home after our overnight trip that was extended by a day after we got caught in the winter storm that hit the Denver area. We might have made it home ok, but it was getting dark, cars were stuck in the snow all over the place, we drove at 4 miles per hour for about 40 minutes of it, and the last straw was seeing the minivan right in front of us slide into the guard rail! I figured it was better to be safe than sorry, so we made a beeline for the nearest off ramp along with about a dozen others right behind us and checked into a motel.

We had a wonderful time spending the night before visiting our friends. I had the chance to have a nice long "girl talk" and we got caught up on everything we have missed not seeing one another in several months. We have been friends since their son and Matthew were 3 years old, and it has been cool to watch both of the boys as they grow up.

We arrived at Adoption Alliance's office where the training session was being held, and there were a lot of people there...close to thirty I think. I took a deep breath, and started...and spewed and made a total fool of myself. I decided I wasn't going to be anything other than completely and totally honest, just as I am here on the that is simply who I am. I am not a pro at this kind of thing and I am sure I won the "Geek of the Week" award for this one, but maybe someone's heart was touched or prepared by something I just never know. Matthew was scared but got up there and did his best, and had everyone laughing when I asked him "What did it feel like when Josh came home?" and he replied "Like it was the Army!" which I didn't quite get until he added "There was so much screaming going on!!" he likened it to Boot Camp programs he has seen on TV! I shared a few photos and then had a second shorter session with families only adopting internationally, and as I sat there with Matthew sitting there on the arm of his chair next to mine with his arm thrown over my shoulder I grinned to myself as I thought "These poor people, they have no idea how their hearts are about to be invaded forever by some little person!". I also thought I was so glad that we were done with all of that mandatory training and never have to do it again!!

Matthew and I had a very special weekend together, and he loved our "adventure" of getting snowed in (It was worth the hundred bucks for the hotel room! Ski areas are EXPENSIVE!). I asked if he wanted to go out to eat but he said he would prefer to get something and bring it back to the hotel so we could snuggle in. So we went to the grocery store where we had TV dinners and watched a movie, giggling under the covers together. It was so cute to hear he and Kenny on the phone together as Dominick was trying to arrange a hotel room for us while we were on the road, and they were occupying themselves while I was driving and Dominick was "driving" the computer at home. Matthew was sweetly trying to explain to Kenny that we couldn't come home that night because the snow was so bad...but we would be home the next day so don't worry! Dominick said that Josh cried this morning when he got up and I wasn't home, and once again I am reminded that my little guy is still kind of insecure about me being out of his sight for too long.

When we arrived home I had the blessing of hearing first, then seeing, Kenny and Joshie come bursting out of the front door yelling "Mommy! Matthew!" over and over again...and then as Matthew stepped out of the car both of his brothers embraced him in a big bear hug...and Matthew shared his McDonald's toys he had saved for them from the road trip. And I thought to myself "What a wonderful world...".

Then, for the grand finale, the boys spent the late afternoon riding their bikes and Dominick took Joshie's training wheels off...and he was off riding with no help at all! Josh and Matthew both came running in the house screaming "Mommy! Mommy! Come look at Joshie!" so we all went out and watched him rip along on his little Tonka bike, feet peddling furiously and the biggest grin you can imagine on his face! 2 down, one to go...gotta get Kenny riding on only 2 wheels, but that will take more time I think as he is still very tentative on his bike.

The weekend is over too quickly and another week begins. I have been called for Jury Duty, and have to go to Gunnison 3 days so my days of being a stay-at-home mom are pretty much coming to an end now, even if unofficially as we don't open over there for another 2 weeks or so. And that will bring with it a new set of adventures!

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