Sunday, December 02, 2007

Spare Digital Camera's Anyone?

Hi Guys! This is a quickie but John Wright over at has a phenomenal idea and I am going to see if we can help. He and his family are taking a missionary trip to Kyrgyzstan starting in February, and he had the idea to bring over a few digital cameras and a printer to leave with the orphanages so that they could make photo albums for the kids. AWESOME! You don't realize how important this is until you have adoptred an odler child and they come to you with almost no history...but you are blessed enough to have a few photos of them at younger ages that someone shares with you. Kenny LOVES looking at the pictures of himself and his friends, it conencts him with who he is and his past, and is very much a part of his life and figuring all of this out.

You can read more about the idea over at John's blog, but if any of you are upgrading cameras for the holidays or have a spare lower pixel count camera laying around that you aren't using anymore...or a printer or battery charger, can you consider donating it to John?? The address is alos on his blog as well. If you do, tell him Cindy sent you! Hahahaha!

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Julie & John Wright said...

Hi Cindy
Thank you so much for the plug...I must say that I realy love my internet family, and the support that they are to us. We have our friend that head up the projects in Xxxxx with us right now... they heard about the camera idea and got so excited... they said don't forget .... we have 6 orphanages too.... who new that when you mentioned you were budding photographer .... that that might turn into a wonderfull munistry oppertunity.... a small investment now that will last with these kids there whole lives... Thanks again
Blessings John