Tuesday, March 13, 2007


We had an exciting email this morning! Our dossier is now in Kyrgyzstan and things are beginning to move much closer to a court date. But the most exciting news is that "T" is going to be given the photo album we sent tomorrow. "T" does not yet know about us, and so tomorrow (or technically tonight, our time) he will be told he has a family coming for him and will see what his new home and family look like. WOW! That makes this real in a way I can't quite explain, and we are thrilled. I don't know if I'll be able to sleep tonight, as I lie there in bed thinking about what this will be like for him. I'd give anything to be a little mouse in the corner observing when he is told. Believe me, I am not the Scrapbooking Queen by any means, but hopefully he will like it and it will help him feel more comfortable with the changes that are right around the corner soon.

WOW! I am feeling more and more like the mom of 3 every minute!

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Michelle said...

Wow - that does seem like big news for him! It makes it that much more real...maybe you should buy some more matching clothes! It is almost 6am tomorrow in Bishkek! Hope the court date comes quickly.