Sunday, October 15, 2006


Matthew was born on 6/12/99 in Aktobe, Kazakhstan, the day after we turned in our initial adoption application. We had been married 12 years before finally pushing forward with adoption. This was the first picture we have of him taken from the 2 minute referral video we received. He is 7 months old in this photo.
Matthew was placed in our arms for good on Mother's Day 2ooo. I remember thinking that it was all a bit surreal, that this child who was born halfway around the world had somehow found his way into our hearts and home. He bonded to us very easily, and in fact it was as if he had known us forever from the moment we first saw him. He is now 7 and is an incredible young man already. Matthew is a happy, intelligent, funny, tender little guy. There is so much I could say about him, so much I wish words could convey but they can't come close to expressing the joy he has brought us.

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