Sunday, October 15, 2006

Kyrgyzstan??? Where's That???

Our family slowly decided that we still had a hole in our collective heart and we needed one more child to close that hole. The boys were both excited about the prospect of adding another sibling and both preferred a brother. Mom on the other hand was thinking this was her last chance and maybe...just maybe...what everyone said was true and I might feel I missed out if I didn't have a daughter. We had hoped for a long time to adopt the two girls we sponsor through the Antares Foundation, but ultimately found out they were not legally free for adoption. We had thought all along that we would return to Kazakhstan, but as we began to get serious about this third adoption we realized that the costs were going to be beyond our reach. This threw us into a panic and we started looking into other countries but nothing felt right. We were beginning to question if we were indeed meant to adopt again. Perhaps our family was to remain just the 4 of us after all. Out of the blue, our homestudy agency, Adoption Alliance left a message for us asking if we would be interested in learning more about their newly established Kyrgyzstan program. We called and asked for more details and realized this might be a great option for us. As we evaluated it we liked that it was similar to Kazakhstan in many ways so culturally it wouldn't be too different for us to incorporate into our family, and that Asian children were still available. A huge plus for us was that we would still have to process through the US Embassy in Kazakhstan so we would set foot on Kazakhstan soil one last time. looks like we are off to Kyrgyzstan!!

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