Monday, October 16, 2006

Happy Birthday To You "T"!!!

Yesterday was "T"'s birthday, he turned 8. We celebrated by having a cake with our best friends and taking photos/video of us singing happy birthday to him. Silly? Yes....but someday it may be important to him to know that we made a serious committment to him long before he could come home and that we wanted to remember his special day even though he wasn't yet with us. So sweetly Joshua asked if we were going to mail T. his cake. Since I will be copying this blog for him I will use this space to write a message: Dear T, This will, with God's blessing, be the very last birthday you have that will go uncelebrated. You are a big 8 year old boy now and little do you know it now, but this year will be a year filled with huge changes for you. So much new is in store for you, so much love is waiting for you. You will have two new brothers who talk about you constantly already and are ready to embrace you with open arms. And you will have a mommy and daddy who will be a constant in your life, and will do our best to nuture you, understand you, and offer our all to you. I would give up a million bucks (if I had it!) just to have been able to give you a hug on your birthday and be there with you. Soon enough though, we will all be together, and then we will REALLY party with our Kazakh/Kyrgyz Kids!! Much love, Mommy

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