Friday, June 12, 2009

Weekend Update: Not Saturday Night Live!

Learning to stop. It is a hard thing for me to do, but with the help of others I am doing it this week. We are not going to Salt Lake City, with the nudge of the friends we are traveling with, I admitted I feel pretty icky and would prefer not to go right now. Breaking the news to Matthew was hard as he had so been looking forward to going to the Air Museum at the Air Force Base there. A few tears were shed, and not all by my now 10 year old boy, but despite the tears he reassured me that it was OK and he understood, he was just disappointed. We will definitely be making this trip up before summers end. I hate being the cause of disappointing everyone and was still going to go despite how I feel. But I admit to being relieved to be able to just lay around, hack my lungs up for the next few days, and hopefully be feeling better by next week.

Although I am under the weather, I sure had a nice day. I am alone with 3 boys, and needing plenty of rest. I had a tray brought in to me this morning with breakfast on it. OK... we won't mention that it was dry cereal and untoasted bread, but it was very thoughtful and made me smile. I am so lucky to have kids who pretty much entertain themselves, even with no TV. They all played all day together, outside with water, on the trampoline, inside with legos and games. And every hour or so one of them (or often all 3!) would come in the bedroom and check on me, tuck me in nicely and tell me they were just in the living room if I needed anything. Later this afternoon Joshie came in and crawled under the covers with me, and we lay there side by side talking quietly and he slowly drifted off to sleep. It was exactly what we both needed after yesterday, I think.

Yesterday at Matt's party I was talking with my friend, from whom this shouldn't have surprised me at all knowing how she feels about our family. She was speaking about an extended family member who was adopted and reunified with his biological mother years ago. We discussed the situation and she kept referring to the "real" mom, and it took me a few minutes of conversation to realize that she was referring to the ADOPTIVE mom as the "real" mom!! Although I am not one to worry much about political correctness, I have to admit it felt nice to think that someone so close to my heart saw me as definitely my kids "real" mom.

So it will be a mellow weekend, likely spent with me laying around doing nothing much but talking in a creaky voice, being up all night coughing, and hoping Joshie is NOT up all night with nightmares!


Lori said...

Again, your kids' dedication to your being healthy just goes to show how compassionate and empathetic they are and that's all about the lives they see and the love they live.

Hope you feel better...same thing on this end. It's yucky!

Carrie DeLille said...

Feel better, my friend!!

Heather said...

Cindy, Hope your feeling better. I am blogging....finally. It's We are headed to China for a 3 yr old boy (he'll be 4 yrs by the time we travel). We are excited and I just wanted to let you know! Thanks,Heather