Sunday, April 12, 2009

He Is Risen...He Is Risen Indeed!!!

We have had a wonderful Easter thus far, and the day is only half over! We awoke to whispering boys as they examined their baskets that the Easter Bunny had to leave inside for them due to rainy weather. Then it was time to find the eggs hidden in our TV room...and we hope they were all located and we don't follow the smell to a rotten egg somewhere later in the week! Hahaha!

Then the boys got dressed in the matching lavender shirts and all 3 decided to wear ties this morning. When we purchased their special Easter shirts I was surprised as I gave them a choice between lavender or a more manly tan, and they all wanted lavender saying it was more "Easterish". We then were invited over to our friend's house for breakfast where, of course, tons of photos were taken and I actually was so pleased with a couple I got of their daughter, who is quite precious and barely a year old. I also got a nice photo of Joshie and his best buddie, who was being baptized today so it was a doubly joyous occasion for us all. I have captured a photo now and then of this twosome, and I can totally imagine seeing them in their teens at confirmation time, arms around each others shoulders, grinning animatedly as they both do today. We have been so blessed to have this friendship for Josh, even though at first Joshua wanted nothing to do with his now "bestest friend"...he was still very much dealing with RAD and not all inclined to have any relationships at all, but the wisdom of his friends mother helped tremendously as she nor I pushed anything despite the fact they were the only two kids at church that age, and we just let things happen gradually. Now, his mom and I both love seeing how inseparable they are.

Then it was off to church where we had a lovely service, and it really and truly felt like Easter and a celebration. The above photo is of the stained glass window in our church which has always brought a smile to my rainbow colors are featured and when the sun hits it just right in the early morning light (not so much today with our overcast weather) it's beauty lights our Sanctuary in a subtle glow.

Lives are resurrected in faith, lives are changed, lives are healed. Mine certainly has been, and as I look back the very crooked road that led me here, I can see where God intervened even when I had no clue why things were happening the way they were (hmmm...sounds like my life right now with our current adoption!). I will be the very first to admit how very far I was from God for years, how I basically turned my back on all that "religious stuff" despite my continuing strong prayer life. I had not found a faith community that felt like home, couldn't imagine ever really finding one where I would be free to engage in an ongoing real relationship that was not robotic-like, but was active and true. I didn't want "religion" as that was meaningless to me. What I had hoped to find was a faith home where I could openly discuss my doubts when they crept in and receive nurturing and support rather than condemnation, I wanted a place could seek the Truth as it applied to me in my daily walk, and where I could rest in a sense of family.

Last night, as our home was filled with dear friends of all ages and all walks of life gathered around the kids as they and their friends dyed eggs and played together, I could so easily see how that sense of family has definitely been found. I also can see how I have learned a valuable lesson myself about how to be an integral part of that I have learned to reach out to others with love rather than waiting on the sidelines for someone to decide to offer that love to me. Active love, just as Jesus has shown us all, is something that for some comes easily and for others has to be practiced. I am one of those for whom practice makes semi-perfect :-) Somewhere along the line I cast aside my fears and some of my insecurities and realized that I may not be pretty, well educated or dynamic but I DO have something to offer that everyone needs, love. While I personally am lacking much in so many areas, I have a surplus of love and acceptance to offer, and almost everyone needs to feel they belong somewhere and are cared for.

Soon we are headed out for dinner, to be shared with many we love. May the love of Christ reside within all of you this special day. May you ALL share this day with those you love, but even more so, may each and every one of you spread that love to others!!!

With much love from the all the LaJoy's!


Anonymous said...

He is Risen Indeed!!!

A joyful Easter to you all.

With love from Peggy & family in Virginia

Christina said...

What cuties... Today was our 4th Easter as a family (the 1st we were not "official" by the courts, but we spent it together as a family)! And it was the first Easter that the kids woke up with expectations about what the day would bring... This caused them to be very hyper before going to my mom's for the Easter Dinner (Served for lunch) and the Egg Hunt my dad loves to put on in their yard. I was so happy that my kids were behaving like "normal" kids, with excitement, and understanding about what our family does on a holiday... They even remembered the Ressurection Eggs, and our tradition of Daddy sharing that with them. It was a special day for us too!

Hilary Marquis said...

Happy Easter to you all! He is risen indeed! The boys look very handsome in lavender :) I'll be a little late in my Easter post...I left my camera at my folks, Grrr!

Anonymous said...

Happy Easter! Pretty? You are more than that! You are beautiful inside and out! Love ya' all! Miss Joan

Lori said...

Those are some of the most handsome boys I have ever seen and I am more impressed they chose the lavender--my preference too!

And by the way, more people should be so lucky as to have as much to offer others as you do.

Unknown said...

Wonderful post Cindy! Our Christ is Risen, God is good all the time, all the time God is good!

Happy and Blessed Easter to you and your beautiful, growing family