Saturday, February 02, 2013

Well, FINALLY...Pie in the Face!

I am so sorry that we were not able to get this done several weeks ago.  There has been a lot going on in our lives, we were illness delayed, work delayed, and school delayed.  We finally got 'er done though, and we want to thank everyone who donated to the Pie in the Face Challenge on John Wright's blog to see us get splatted with a pie.

We all take things for granted.  Most of us take for granted that at Christmas there will be toys under a decorated tree, stocking hung from the mantel, and family to celebrate with.  A few years ago, the first Christmas after Kenny came home, the faces of Kenny's buddies left behind in the orphanages of Kyrgyzstan would not leave me.  Kenny was about to experience his first Christmas with us, and people he loved and cared about would have very little to mark their own holiday.  Most importantly, he was loved.  Days were now filled with hugs, people who really cared about him, and hope...most of all, hope.  We decided, with the help of the Wright family, to see if there was any way to bring a little Christmas to Kyrgyzstan.  Boy, were we surprised how many other folks wanted kids in Kyrgyzstan to have Christmas too!

While two of Kenny's friends have since been adopted, his friend Amir remains behind, caught in a morass of governmental red tape the likes of which most have never seen.  The politics alone are what are keeping him from the family that steadfastly awaits him, and every day he grows a little older, a little closer to aging out.

Christmas is for Amir, and all the other children who remain imprisoned in a system that simply can not meet their needs, for nothing can meet a child's needs like a committed family can.  So we are grateful to those who remember the children who go to bed every night with empty tummies and little hope.  Thank you for helping to encourage them, for helping them to know that they are precious and never forgotten.  John and Julie, thanks for pulling this off yet again.

So, as long promised, here is your payoff!

Thanks for the opportunity to have some messy fun!  Every year, the voices in the background grow deeper...and our love for each of our pie throwers grows deeper as well.  Next year, let's try and raise enough for all the kids to get one!!

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