Friday, February 15, 2013


Sweetness is...

Joshie loading Walkie Talkie Apps on his Ipad and mine, so that we could whisper good night to each other this evening.

Watching all five kids delightedly playing hide and seek and Army with their younger friends.

Having Olesya wrap up a cupcake for her brother when he wasn't around to get one.

Snuggling on the bed reading with Matthew this morning as we talked about literary themes...and future careers...and big dreams.

Friends who don't see me as the freak I really am, or who don't think I am a completely incapable ninny for ending up in Salt Lake City after a wrong turn...the second time in my life.

A hubby who, despite our agreement NOT to worry about Valentine's Day this year in light of our trip to Denver this weekend, brings me flowers and a card.  Even sweeter, when I say I feel badly that I didn't get him anything he says, "That's OK, it just makes up for all the years I didn't do something. I still have a few more to make up for."

Angela saying, "Mom, you give us the BEST writing assignments!"

A clean car, if only for five minutes.

Kenny's smile every morning, and long bear hug.

Candy filled hearts and Hallmark on a single day are not what it is all about.  

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