Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Pre-Surgery Night

Twas the night before surgery and all through the house...

We had our pre-op appointment today for Kenny's surgery tomorrow, and it looks like more work will be involved than we originally thought.  Kenny was given a choice about having work done on his nose at the same time, and after some consideration he opted to go for it.  So not only will they be doing considerable work on his lip trying to realign things and reduce the scarring which bothers him so much, but they will now be ervising his nose as well.  There is also a chance he may have up to 3 teeth extracted tomorrow during surgery, including one impacted tooth.  We won't know until tomorrow as they were consulting with our orthodontist back home and hadn't touched base with him yet before we left today.  We are hoping they do the extractions as that will save Kenny quite a bit of emotional trauma and pain.  It would just be easier to do it now.

I'll admit to being a bit nervous tonight myself.  He will likely look quite a bit different when they are done and I don't know what his expectations are about the results.  I think he was in a  good place about his lip but the nose is going to really look different I think, and I am not sure if he is prepared to see it that way since he hasn't had time to mentally prepare.  I guess I haven't either.

So any prayers sent his way would be appreciated, tomorrow is a bigger day emotionally than the other surgeries.  Those were likely more painful, but this goes to the heart of how he feels about himself and we want him to be pleased and confident.

Early morning wake up call, so I am off to bed!


Anonymous said...

Prayers for all of you! Nicholas said he wants to write to Kenny but misplaced your address. So as soon as i find it , he will write. Tell Kenny and all the kids we say a big Hi!

Teresa F

Anonymous said...

Prayed last night and will continue to pray for God's healing hand on Kenny. What a very brave young man. I'm sorry he has to go through all this, but God will use his struggles to encourage others he comes across in life. Already received good news about another young man's surgery this morning. He was in a mower accident last year. They expanded his scalp and stretched his hair over the skin graft in this latest surgery. I'm thankful there are doctors who can help kids feel better about their appearance when necessary.

Nancy in the Midwest

Anonymous said...

Thinking and praying everything goes well! Kenny will love the results once everything heals!

anne k said...

Praying all goes well. Not easy to deal with one's physical image. Sending out warm thoughts to Kenny !

Anonymous said...

I'm late responding so now we know the extent of the surgery, that all went well, and now we will have the same sweet-hearted Kenny in model 2012--the new and improved version with the same sterling performance.

Congratulations Kenny and Cindy for making it through.