Sunday, August 14, 2011

The LaJoy Travel Curse Strikes Again

Of course...we knew it would happen...and it would happen when I have a quick turnaround.

We are home, safe and sound.  That's the good news.

Our flight was over an hour late.  That wasn't so bad.

Our luggage didn't make it.  That's bad.

Because all my jeans were in there, all my personal care stuff like curling iron and hair dryer.  Yup, everything.

And I leave for Salt Lake tomorrow morning.  Nice of them to say they think they can get my bag to me by tomorrow night. In Montrose.  Where I will not be.

Hmmm...wonder if Kenny even owns another pair of pants to take with him tomorrow...

Well, that's a problem for tomorrow.  Tonight, it is time for bed!

He's healing well, looking good already, and no I can not take pics to post yet as I just haven't had time.  I'll post one when we return though.  It is amazing, and he is one Happy Camper.  I was so glad that when his brothers and sisters all saw him that every single one of them talked about how great it looked.

Now, on to Stage 2.



Anonymous said...

We wondered how the trip went all day yesterday. Thanks for posting that you're home safely, even if bad news.

By now you are on the road again. Be safe and good luck to Matt with the Dr apt. Prayers with you all!

Ms Jane and Mr Steve

Anonymous said...

Well, here you are in Salt Lake City with no jeans. You can always go to Wally World and buy a skirt. I'd love to see that.

We love you, nude or not.